Badminton 2-6 may 2013

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Anyone else going to Badminton the 2-6 of may 2013? It's horse eventing, one of the largest competitions in the world on one of the best courses. I'm going there next year so anyone with intrests in horses and eventing you should come. Have a few beers and discuss the different breedings and horses. If your not into horses or know a squat you could come for a beer but I won't hang around with you, I'm there for the compition and I love to talk about what happens and discuss different aspects. So message me if your planning on comming and we could discuss where to meet up.


  • I don't breed horses, but I enjoy riding, taking care of and hanging out around with them, so it's an interesting topic. But I'll only come if:

    - you take your medication properly for at least 2 months prior to the event,
    - I can come with company or bodyguards,
    - you never go left or right from me, nor come closer than 1.5 m,
    - if you decide to go behind me, or if you touch me, I reserve the right to injure you up to the maximum extent of necessary.force
  • Thaumas if you can't be serious don't even bother to reply. if you talk to those that know me they can confirm I'm not a nut case like you make it sound. But Here I'm being serious looking for people to meet up with at an event and hope to see people being serious about it.
  • @Sarapis your comming next year? It's a great sport and you would enjoy it =)
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