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Hi all,

I'm a newly minted sylvan and I'm having a little difficulty choosing traits and a racial specialisation. I've asked some members of my House about it, but their answers have differed by personal opinion, so I thought a bigger sample size might be warranted.

In basic terms my question is whether Constitution or Intelligence is a more important stat for a sylvan. Beyond that I'm curious about whether I'd be better off going all-in on one of them, or balancing them.

As an example, as a grook if I were to specialise into intelligence but spend a trait on constitution, I would end up with 15 int and 13 con. Is this a good mix or would doing the opposite be better? That would leave me with 14 in each. If I went all-in on one it would be 16 int or 15 con, but I've heard that there are diminishing returns on higher stat numbers?

Alternatively, am I looking at this wrong and my better bet for a trait would be something like quick-witted or receptive body?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • AustereAustere Tennessee
    Personally,  I would spec full con until you get viridian,  then rotate everything to int.  
  • What do you guys mean by migrate? Can you freely change traits and specialisations?
  • Oh, uh, what effect does viridian actually have on constitution that makes you guys discount needing extra con? The AB file actually doesn't say.
  • You have one free trait reset and reincarnation overall so yes you technically can change with the free one before spending anything or waiting on a promotion or something where something like that is granted. Unfortunately, you cannot freely change traits or specialisations. 

  • Thanks all, that helps.
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