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Hey everyone!
So after having had a few friends interested in looking at achaea, then being too ADD or simply forgetting to check out the website lost their drive to go much further than hearing my grand tales.
So I grabbed myself a new video program and decided that I'd make an informative video about achaea. It's going to have some screen capture of gameplay to show simple things like movement or player interaction with a voice over, explaining how the world works. Just as well there will be plenty of still frame pictures while I describe things such as combat.

Mind you this isn't going to be a very extensive video, as I'm not going to be using it to explain every little nook and cranny of achaea. Here is how it will be broken up and narrated.

1. Introduction
  -What is Achaea?
  -What is a MUD?
  -How do I play?

2. Movement.
  -How movement works
  -A few skills to show how movement can change
  -Understanding enviroment
  -Mainland, Wilderness, Ocean

3. Your Player.
  -Health, Mana, Endurance, Willpower
  -Experience, levels, and dragon
  -Afflictions, Diagnose

  -combat system =/= rp combat (So many people ask me if I just type out "I punch you and beat you up, making me the victor." people need to understand how the game works in relation to pvp)
  -Understanding balance, cooldowns
  -The three kill strategies. Damage, Locking, Instakill
  -Afflictions, what they do, how to cure them
5. RP
  -What is RP?
  -Understanding the cities, houses, orders
  -Understanding the 4th wall
  -Politics, trade, army

I'm not going to show everything of course, but maybe a few snippets of combat, some of the skill lists, dying, instakills, etc.
The thing is, I need a lot of pictures and edited stuff for this, so I am asking for your help!
things I'd like:
high res pics of your GUI!
screencaptured combat scenes
And if anyone is good at making pictures, I'd love to have someone make me a few things in a PNG format that I could use when describing some stuff. If anyone is interested in helping out, drop a note on the thread and I'll tell you what I am looking for, or what you might be able to provide.

also critique is welcome.

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