There's a couple other threads for this, but I wanted to start a new one, especially considering those who previously posted descriptions have probably changed or tweaked then by now, and many people who asked for opinions and help didn't receive any. And I've always liked reading/writing descriptions. 

So what's your description? Are you ugly? Beautiful? A poor writer? How do you interpret your racial characteristics? Do you like it short and simple or long and elaborate? What are your description pet peeves? Do you need any help with your description? 


  • Agreed. Once upon a time I had a description so long I think I had to cut it to not exceed the limit. Some detail I think is best left to revealing through roleplay - if you give yourself away entirely from the start, there's nothing left to say. Other than maybe... TL;DR!
  • She is a human with tanned, lightly freckled skin. Small and lissome, her graceful posture gives an impression of regal bearing that belies her brief height. Unkempt saffron curls fall to her waist, the reddish-orange of a Vashnarian sunset. Vibrant crocuses and snow blossoms are braided in here and there among the coarse strands. A few wayward curls frame her oval face, offsetting a petite, upturned nose and gently tapered chin. Her large, luminous eyes are the textured green of malachite, ripples of pale mint and dark moss.

    Boringly pretty (for a human, although she's constantly surrounded by sirens). I will probably add some flair one day.
  • She is a human. Nearly as tall as a man, she sports a figure of slim softness and a dusky olive complexion made darker still by the sun. Glossy black hair hangs loose about her shoulders to frame a heart-shaped face and dark, almond-shaped eyes. A lightly protruding lower lip gives her a natural pout and slightly impetuous appearance when she does not smile. Her shoulders are rather broad for one so slender, and combined with her height gives her a rather regal if somewhat masculine bearing.
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    She is a Chaos Lady. She is slightly above average height at five feet and seven inches tall. Her head is topped with dark, crimson red hair with the entirety of it flowing loosely about her shoulders with the longest strands reaching to her bottom. Her slightly angled, almond shaped eyes appear to be lined darkly to emphasize her bright, emerald green irises, each of which watches her surroundings with an air of curiosity. Her features are obscured by a mask though it can be seen that she has a slender neck. Her lithesome, lily-white physique appears to be on the athletic side, seeming well suited to an active lifestyle. Each of her slender, lightly muscled arms ends in soft hands with nails filed into darkly-painted points. Wrapping her right arm in ink, an intricate tattoo of geometric lines and curves stands out boldly, the occasional openings between shapes showing unidentifiable runes. A modest bust sits above her flat, lightly toned abdomen, her slim waist flaring slightly with her hips. Her long, well-shaped legs end in dainty feet, each of her motions appearing light and at ease. Though slightly resembling a beautiful siren, she has a caved forehead and a chicken-like head and is covered with bumpy skin.

    I feel like I need to upgrade/revamp the description.. maybe I'm too critical of my own work, though... and it looked fine when I wrote it however much time ago.

    I also tended to go overboard, then. And a bit, now.

  • So many lovely descriptions! Here's a few things I noticed, though.

    @Nizana @KitiaraI find that starting the sentence after "She is <race>." with another "She is" or "She has" never looks terribly good! Switching it around a bit and starting with a noun or verb will definitely improve the flow.

    Also, I agree with what @Bluef said on the last thread.. listing exact heights is weird. I did it once, but I find now that the numbers are sometimes off-putting (especially when people type 6ft 4in or something), and leaving height to a descriptor instead of a measurement can be a good thing.

    And last.. "Her head is topped with" sounds a little funny to me. You wearin' a wig, gurl?
  • He is a human and he stands a good head taller than most others of his sex, reaching a height of around six feet or six and a half feet tall. While he is definitely a man of good fitness and health, his arms and legs do not possess the usual build one would likely expect on him with his active lifestyle. This lack of bulky muscles on his arms and legs makes him seem lanky despite his height. This lanky appearance in turn makes his movements seem unwieldy, as if he should find himself naturally clumsy. The muscles he does display are not impressive, but they are clearly defined and look to have been built through persistence in his efforts at swordplay. His skin is a pale brown colour that almost compares with kawhe that has been mixed with copious amounts of milk and cream. Here and there upon his tanned flesh one can see scars and half healed wounds marring his complexion. The healing wounds here and there on his visible flesh stand out with angry hues of red, blue, and purple. His face is made up of hard angles and points, his chin and cheek bones jutting out with a hard strength that serve to make him appear symmetric. Coarse black hair stands up on his head in short bristles like a painter's brush, some tufts askew at odd angles that give the impression that he cuts strands as they begin to get in the way of his movements. In equal blackness, a tightly and finely kept goatee encircles his lips. Each of the short bristles almost appears oiled when light reflects from them. The deep blackness of his hair is further matched by the two dark pools of pitch that are his eyes. Beyond his eyes and hair, his nose is the dominant feature of his face. Like a beak of a hawk, his nose is angled and sharp. The sheer length of the nose easily overshadows the white teeth that sometimes flash from behind his lips when a momentarily grin splits his face in two.
  • Nothing really special needs to be updated though
    He is a human. From a quick glance over, at him you figure his height is somewhere near six feet tall. His exposed skin, appears to be that of a dark tan from exposure to the sun.  Dark-brownish hair sits atop of his head, the hair is pulled back to a single point at the back the back of his skull, held in place by along wrapping of red string that allows his locks to flow loosely behind his head. Lowering your gaze slight, two dark green eyes with what seems to have a topaz color intertwined around the iris below a furrowed brow. Continuing your observation, a stoic smile can be seen.  Intricate tattoos can be seen above the collar of his clothing of clouds, fishes, and various animals stretching most of the way up his neck and the skin of his exposed right arm.
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    He is a graceful tsol'aa. Standing at five foot nine inches tall, his body is built up of strong and wiry muscles as a result of many hours of practice in combat. His eyes are his most striking feature.They range from a dark blue on the outside to green. The pupils of his eyes re not shaped normally but into two oval shapes coming to points at the top and bottom of his pupils clearly revealing his rajamalan ancestry. His eyes are stern and constantly scanning his surroundings. In addition to his eyes, he has light tiger like tattoos along his neck, shoulders, and jaw line. His face itself is somewhat slender, having a smallish nose and full lips. Another very noticeable aspect of his face,vis a jagged scar running from the corner of his right eye,down his cheek and ending just below his mouth. He has large pointed ears, characteristic to that of a tsol'aa. His hair is cut short and styled into a spiked hair style, with just enough hair in the back to be gathered into a small ponytail. His hair itself is a dishwater blonde color with light blonde highlights due to many hours in the sun. Upon looking at him, one can tell he has been through much. His left forearm is gnarled by ugly burn scar, as well as on his left shoulder is a scar from an old stab wound. On the right side of his neck are deep claw marks where an animal of some kind tore at his throat. Near the center of his chest there is what seems to be a large scar of some sort.  His knuckles are gnarled with many scars  as well as the fact that he is also missing his right hand little finger.Upon the palm of his left hand is the scar of the branding of a crude escarbuncle within a border, Mhaldor's coat of arms. 

  • Tristyn said:
    She is a human. Thin, ghostly skin is stretched across the tall, feminine frame, while spider webs 
    of blue-grey veins can be seen clearly on her deceptively feeble looking wrists and arms. Her deep 
    and high cheek bones give her complexion an unconventional elegant look. Her sunken eyes host large 
    pupils of grey that hides a hint of strong will. Her expressions are often quite neutral, and her 
    pale lips move only slightly when she speaks, which can, to some, be rather unsettling. Her face is 
    framed neatly on one side by long, intricately braided black hair that has a variety of purple, red, 
    and blue beads strung throughout it. While the other side of her head is partly shorn to reveal a 
    twisted flame tattoo that flickers just above her ear down to the depths of her shoulder blade. She 
    also has several tiny crossed-out names inscribed on her wrist, to memorialize the lost lives of her 
    vagrant brethren.
    Wow, I love it - really well written!

    I spy an incomplete sentence though! >.>
  • HalosHalos The Reaches
    He is a human and is a slim five and a half feet tall. Hawk-nosed and broad-faced, his coal-black eyes are browless and careworn behind round spectacles. His militantly bald head raises questions, but ink-smudged hands do little to dispel the vaguely owlish cast about his olive-skinned form. Delicate fingers fidget infrequently, as if anxious for activity. The acrid scent of smoke emanates faintly from his clothing, evocative of the heady conflagrance of constant sacrifice.

    A frenzied cleric screams, "Like more than one halo!"
  • i switch through six descriptions, depending on with/without armour, with/without hairpin, with/without helm (and i only wear helm when wearing armour).  the one I use most often is with armour, no helm, with hairpin.

    He is a graceful tsol'aa of close to average size. Fathomless, upturned eyes pierce out from within a stern countenance, the charcoal orbs outlined 
    with kohl tracery that spreads outward in elaborate swirls. A portion of his straight, dark hair has been tied into a bun and secured with a hairpin, 
    leaving most of it free to flow just past his shoulders and keep his ears uncovered. Burnished sheets of oxidised silver encase the lithe form of this 
    austere Tsol'aa, the plates sleek against the body as if to form a second skin. Inlaid with a fine dusting of emerald, engravings swim across the 
    gleaming metal in a rush of tight spirals and elongated twirls, the swirling motif mimicking the persistent vines of the undergrowth. Weaving across 
    his lean physique, the plates layer from the ankles to the collarbones, exposing only the very top of the robes beneath. The little skin that remains 
    visible displays only the faintest hint of a tan. Reinforcing the ageless features of his race, his posture remains ever upright.
    And as he slept he dreamed a dream, and this was his dream.
  • Oh wow, I never thought of that @Ellodin! I just take the easy way out, haha. I'm gonna have to make another description now, yours is too lovely!

    And @Herenicus.. wow that's.. masterful. :open_mouth: 
  • HerenicusHerenicus The Western Front
    Nicaara said:
    Oh wow, I never thought of that @Ellodin! I just take the easy way out, haha. I'm gonna have to make another description now, yours is too lovely!

    And @Herenicus.. wow that's.. masterful. :open_mouth: 
    You're a generous critic; I'm sure I've got some corrections to make. At the risk of sounding risque, I'd like to work a colon into this paragraph for the sake of sentence variation. I'll give it some more thought.
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    Nothing motivates quite like public embarassment. Two sentences are wearing the word "suggest" and must argue over who wore it best :/
  • She is a graceful tsol'aa and is tall and waif-like, as if underfed most of her life. Light blonde hair has been bound into a messy bun, a few strands falling around her face. Pale jade-green eyes watch the world from behind long, sooty lashes, tiny flecks of gold breaking up the green. Her fingers and hands are covered with fine silver scars, each one perfectly straight and only visible when the light catches them. Smudges of various chemicals stain her fingertips, dying them strange colours that never seem to wash off.


  • Herenicus said:
    Nothing motivates quite like public embarassment. Two sentences are wearing the word "suggest" and must argue over who wore it best :/
    I think you're right there at the height of description nitpickiness! Try... "..the balance of his grooming offers the hint of an exacting precision that verges on fussiness." Not sure how you'll like that one, but there's only so many synonyms for suggest, the best one I think being "proposes". But I don't like proposes so much. I prefer to be the one doing the proposing ;)
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    Umm... Just saw this one today. I present, Jhuil.

    She is a winged atavian and looks exactly like Jhui in every way. However, instead of being hung in
    the pants, she's hung in the chest.

    @Jhui was probably drunk at the time.
    - (Eleusis): Ellodin says, "The Fissure of Echoes is Sarathai's happy place."
    - With sharp, crackling tones, Kyrra tells you, "The ladies must love you immensely."
    - (Eleusian Ranger Techs): Savira says, "Most of the hard stuff seem to have this built in code like: If adventurer_hitting_me = "Sarathai" then send("terminate and selfdestruct")."
    - Makarios says, "Serve well and perish."
    - Xaden says, "Xaden confirmed scrub 2017."

  • He is a human of just about average height, broad shouldered, with stocky legs and thick sinewy arms that seem to hang too low at his sides. Restless, and frequently seen to dart back and forth, his bloodshot, grey eyes peer out from under a permanently creased brow, and are ringed by dark circles. His mouth and chin bristle with stubble of a coarse hard beard growing in uneven patches around his mouth and along his jaw. His complexion is one of that kind which never looks clean or wholesome with what bare skin that is visible beneath the caked on layer of grime having a pallid, unhealthy, colour to it. On his head he has stiff, black hair, standing jaggedly all over it, and growing down hill almost to his crooked, blunt nose. His hands, which are of a rough, coarse grain, are very dirty; his fingernails are crooked, chewed down, and yellow. His habit of gnawing on them constantly often reveals the few discoloured pegs that are yet scattered in his mouth.
  • Herenicus said:
    He is a human, dark-haired and casting a grim silhouette. His grave countenance recalls a sinister tapestry of cruel angles, punctuated by the purpled rings beneath his eyes. The eyes themselves glow with zealous intensity, near-drained of colour and left an unsettling bluish-white. A glossy mane of sleek burnet drapes past the line of his jaw like an ebon veil. His generous mouth and thin lips animate his features, parting to reveal a toothsome, carnivorous aspect. Having seen the benefit of a close shave, the balance of his grooming suggests an exacting precision that verges on fussiness. A lean musculature and white, unblemished skin unite with the richness of his attire in suggesting membership in the leisure class. Scarcely visible at remove, a lattice of thin scars traverses the back of his hands, disappearing into either sleeve. An angry red escarbuncle has been seared into his left palm, eight spokes radiating out in every direction. Spotlessness, striven-for if so briefly achieved, otherwise marks the hands of a man loath to sully them.

    positive quality: maybe dressed himself
    negative quality: ablutomania
    Hai @Herenicus. Boy, you're so fine I bet even the ocean waves when you walk by. :wink: 
  • HerenicusHerenicus The Western Front

  • He is a human. He is 6.3 ft. tall, his hair is black as night and drops to his shoulders, his eyes 
    with a penetrating gaze inspire tremendous respect and his silver colour makes it hard not to stare 
    for a moment. The expression on his face hides perfeclty whats going through his head, and leaves 
    little room for expressing emotions. Making you wonder if he has any at all. His skin is pale and 
    surprisingly smooth. A scar on his left cheek left by a sword gives away signs of his encounters. 
    The Mark of Mhaldor can be seen on the left side of his neck. With athletic complexion you can tell 
    he is in perfect shape. His stance is intimidating and he is holding firmly the hilt of his blade.
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