Tips for playing with a broken hand?

I broke my right hand last night annnnnnd.. seeing as I'm not giving up Achaea for six to twelve weeks, I was wondering if any of you had any tips?  


  • Lots of aliases and buttons. But honestly your left should adapt rather quickly. It only took my boyfriend 2weeks to be able to do everything left-handed when he shatter his wrist and snapped his shoulder.
  • I'd have to agree with @Tahquil , heavy use of aliases and bindings will be a great boon to you. There are some speech to text programs I have seen but that would only be needed in case of conversations.  Sadly activities such as combat will be harder to participate in but using bindings will provide you with what you need for hunting especially since you are a runewarden. I can help you out with some to sketch runes quickly if you'd like.

  • KerriaKerria The Red Lioness
    I played with a broken hand for four months or so. 
    Aliases aliases aliases...

    I also rp'd alot.
  • Mapping directional commands to the number pad as macros is an invaluable timesaver, but that is on the wrong side of the keyboard for you. You should try and break your left hand instead next time.

    If you don't mind dropping $10-20 for the sake of some convenience, you could pick up a cheap USB number pad, to position on the left side of your keyboard. This is something I was looking into when playing on a laptop for a while.
  • Oooooh, I might do that anyways.  Sailing keybinds on the right, walking on the left hah
  • I recall @Mycen having a broken hand or arm a few years ago..or maybe it was a decade (oh god I feel old now) and she played Achaea just fine. She had a ton of Aliases for combat encounters (mostly group) and did a lot of RP. Eventually you couldn't even tell she was playing with a broken hand. 

    Just be sure not to push yourself to hard and be sure to get yourself plenty of rest too so you heal :) 

  • MishgulMishgul Trondheim, Norway
    Moved all my macros to the left side of the keyboard. aliased north to a and in and out to q and w. And up to x.


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  • and I'm still just here wondering if porn can still be a thing with a broken right hand.
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  • Conversation with the partner says that using your opposite hand for that 'behave' is what you learn first. Then it became a permanent change as using the right ended up felt unnatural.
  • I played with a broken hand/arm for 4 + months. Just takes a bit of time to get used to - depends what part of your hand you have broken but I use to just tap with one finger resting my cast awkwardly when I got down to a half arm cast, full arm cast I just did everything one handed with macros/keys.
  • Razer orbweaver perfect for hotkeys tons of ways to modify it to basically act as a whole keyboard
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    I play with paralysis so a few tips off mine would be. Aliases, keybings, and I run several triggers and scripts to take the tedium out of shopping and walking. I really want the orbweaver that @Aedin mentioned just because combat can get frustrating. Especially if you play an affliction class...  I play one handed and do lots of role play and dabble in combat for the past five years now 
  • Well I own the first generation called the nostromo and I can honestly say for affliction classes it can be extremely useful as well as for a knight. You have basically a perfect body for limbs legs torso arms head for targeting.

    I used to use it for fps' for wasd and to have basically every hotkey easily in reach and no tumbling. Plus you can setup profiles you can switch to on the fly. Aka class setups etc.
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