New England People!

So I was talking with @Aegoth and I think we need to do a New England meetup (as all these meetups I've been seeing are far :( ). Anyone live around the NY area? We can do a NYC day trip or if others are feeling a bit more adventurous we can go to the New York Ren Faire in September and do a meetup there! Just seeing who else would be interested.
"Kit always gets blood everywhere."
Medi says, "If kit says to show up somewhere, bring an apron."
Medi says, "Rule of thumb."


  • NY isn't part of New England! Now go eat your inferior clam chowder and cheer for your crappy sports teams.
  • Also I'd love to take a day trip to NYC. <3
  • VayneVayne Rhode Island
    You said NY, but I am sure you meant Boston.
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