Ianossa's Sketchdump

I don't want to flood threads, so it has come to this. First post is gonna be a little expansive, haha
Mean short girl is Ianossa, Sadboy Rajamala is Azragar unless otherwise stated (I'd assume they'd be hard to come by, though)

Yawning cat men are scary

cute pets

She's kind of a turd and likes to push him around a lot

But he's twice the size of her so why she'd pick a fight is beyond me  o:)

Playing with the sun tarot 

Azragar had a bad habit of being slaughtered by wild animals whenever he went anywhere, so the poor baby got a picture.

After Azragar got a cool staff and told me his hair was actually long :wink: 

Azragar got his grove on lock

Azragar bought a bunch of blank tarot cards for Ianossa because of course
they were sold out in Ashtan

Cat man eats messy compared to finicky mean girl

When Klochild decided to drop in and scare the shit out of us, hahaha

Just general character design stuff. Mostly making fun of Azragar 

Oops, sorry for the swear. This was the first comic I drew
I think I was in Hashan when I started and I tried
to give milk to a dog and it decided to be an idiot to me
so I took a lot of joy out of warping the hell out of it :)


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