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Same idea as rampage (could even be an option for rampage, really) - but allows people to join any time during the duration of the event, instead of locking the door when the game starts.

I think a 30-60 minute Brawl would be awesome, where people could just jump in, join the brawl, fight a bit, leave if they want, maybe come back, etc - and other people could join any time they like, such as if they were disconnected, wanted to go buy something really quick, or logged in right after it started.

I would personally use this on a daily basis, and would prefer it over rampages for anything other than single-elimination combat "tournament" events, which is what Rampage is designed to be.  The big thing is just that I hate that people can't join arena games while they're in progress.  



  • Yes please
  • AerekAerek East Tennessee, USA
    I've always been confused as to why rampages are treated with such decorum. FFAs, sure, everyone pair off and duel because it's single elimination, and it sucks to get tag-teamed and knocked out early. But Rampages have the bloodbath for a reason.

    I don't really mind it either way, because of course rampages, treated as they are, give me a chance to duel a variety of opponents in quick succession and give me a chance to scope out opponents that I've never fought before. But at the same time, it's always kinda disappointed me that the prevailing culture doesn't allow for actual 'free-for-alls' that are just meaningless fun. Because of that, you usually know who's going to win a rampage or FFA as soon as it begins.
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    I mean, the more I think of it, the more I think this should just be a Rampage option.

    Create a RE-ENTRY option for Rampages, that if enabled, simply allows people to rejoin.  Only allow one Rejoin per 5 minutes, to prevent abuse.

    I'll just set the rampage duration to 60 minutes, then we can freely beat each other to death for an hour ... and if anyone wants to join, they can just jump in.  (And people like me who DC every 10 minutes can participate too!)


    And @Khaibit can set up a hot-dog stand for spectators / participants.
  • Yeah. I really can't think of any compelling reason to have rampages closed off during the bloodbath right now.
  • MishgulMishgul Trondheim, Norway
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    a willpower/endurance/resource reset would be nice too. Post bloodbath.


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