Forum Signature V2

So... yeah, I fully blame @Aedin for this. Because of his thread, I started tinkering again with Photoshop, trying to create a sig of my own, and now I am a bit addicted to the whole wanting to get better at it gig. I could probably just continue tinkering on my own, but I much prefer (and am much more inspired) when I do something that people actually want, and hence this thread. Feel free to put down your names and an idea for what you'd like, please? Or you can just leave a photo, a sprite, an image... Whatever. 

I don't really have much to show, except for this one I did for @Amarillys a little while ago. 

PD: @Aedin Friendly rivalry Y/N? :wink: 

And you won't understand the cause of your grief...

...But you'll always follow the voices beneath.


  • @Shirszae  Sure I'll welcome it I don't mind at all, if you need any advice or help I'm just a PM away. Actually finishing up a SIG as I type this!
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