Anyone else play this game? I play it occasionally, it's quite fun but nothing overly deep or immersive. 

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  • I used to play it a decent amount a little while back with my housemate. I might pick it up again at some point if I have someone to play with.
  • Hmm haven't played WF since closed beta.. It was alright back then don't know how it is now but I'll assume its still the same. 
  • It changed a lot since closed beta. From what I can recall, at least.
  • Hmm still looked the same just more fluid and not so jerky on the aimming 
  • Menu structure changed a lot, to be more precise.

    I think it did, at least.
  • I'm MR13 now and play on the PC. If you guys want to play (usually on the weekend), send me a PM and I'll give you my IGN.

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    All depends on how my ping would be when playing... though I can manage by just going with my melee-only warframe.

    Edit: I also have 2.7GB of updates to download. May as well leave it on overnight.
  • I die as a max-level Mag in level 13 content.

    I am very very good in Warframe. -_-

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    Achaea: Erasariel (duh!)
  • I suppose I could redownload it
  • anyways whats y'alls steam ids to play?

  • My IGN's : Shadow-D

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    Well then a lot has changed from how it used to be..  Alot of it is great some is just like o.O 

    Churchex is my IGN
  • So, I started up a mission on Cambria, for levels 1-6 with my level 6 Warframe.

    Just spawn and a dozen armoured grineer show up, corner me, and absolutely wreck me before I even get anywhere.

    Wow. Balanced.

    Anyone here oceanic? I'd rather not play with lag-infested Americans. :(
  • Cambria is actually pretty hard because of the amount of Grineer that spawn. Maybe do the non-excavation missions.

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  • I couldn't find a group.

    So I got out my level 30 Valkyr warframe and absolutely wrecked everything in it. I was a little frustrated.
  • Mercury - Apollodorus is where people go to level up stuff in the lower levels, the rest of the nodes are usually empty.

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  • I'll give that a go tonight maybe.
  • @Jukilian send me a message when you do I'll join you
  • Hey @Aedin, I just added you.
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    I've got my Limbo warframe up to level 17 now, purely from like..3-4 goes at Apollodorus, as suggested.

    Two of them went for about half an hour. It gets pretty insane at that point. In both of them, all three of us went down and ended up reviving and legging it all the way to extraction.

    Edit: I also ranked up to level 5 Mastery - Silver Novice.

    Edit2: Also, just lol'd at how kills are counted for your warframes. My Valkyr officially has a grand total of...8 kills. But the dual Kamas I use purely on her, have more than 4000 kills, haha.
  • Did you farm up your Limbo from that Archwing quest or buy that frame?

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  • Hmm I'm still rank 3 sadly could figure where to go rank at lol
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    Go to Mercury -> Apollodorus

    I can help you guys over the weekend, not really during weekdays. Though, I'm on reading week now.

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  • Ah was referring to mastery ranking but so far its a lot better only thing is their still wanting 20 per warframe which is rather sad.
  • You can delete old warframes to make room for new ones, fyi.

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  • Oh I have tons of room for frame and a lot of primes not built yet still lol I was talking bout platinum to buy them lol never dropped in IRL money
  • Oh, you can build all warframes/weapons. You can get MR18 without spending a single cent on Warframe.

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  • I've got Oberon in construction right now

    Bought the Limbo as well. Had a bunch of plat left over from when I last played.

    Honestly haven't done the Archwing quest yet. I should do that.
  • Yeah I'm doing them as well only need few more mats to build the last two things for them
  • From what I've learned, you should never buy anything directly from the market with platinum, way overpriced. Instead, use the platinum to buy prime parts that drop rarely in the void.

    I'm going to start on Archwing quests this weekend. For example, this one can blink - 

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