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Anyone from the fox valley area


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    I was born there and lived in Ripon and Green Lake (yes, named Green Lake in Achaea after it) until I was 18!
  • Too funny. I spent much of my summers in Green Lake growing up. My grandparents/Uncle own a house on the conference center grounds and before that we stayed often in the Ann Hathaway or Christian Writing Center houses for family reunions. Golfing at Lawsonia FTW. I always thought Green Lake in Achaea was just a coincidence but that is completely awesome.
  • Heh, nice. I grew up outside of Ripon and went to school there from k-12, but spent summers living on Green Lake, on the south side, and then we moved there full-time mid-way through high school. 
  • Cool - We would drive into Ripon fairly often for groceries or to hit up McDonalds the LQ store or even Skateland a few times. I wonder if that's still even there? I haven't been to GL for a couple years now but I love the place. Hopefully we'll start going again.
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