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  • be part of the community and train with professionals or other high level people.  hard to miss news that way!
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  • Are you referring to when GSP's corner was all lubing him up between rounds when he fought B.J Penn the 2nd time? That was a really long time ago.
  • AchillesAchilles Los Angeles
    Best MMA website is sherdog by far.  BJPenn is like the TMZ of MMA.  ESPN has stepped up their MMA coverage as well in recent years.  
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    Achilles said:
    Best MMA website is sherdog by far.  BJPenn is like the TMZ of MMA.  ESPN has stepped up their MMA coverage as well in recent years.  
    Yeah, I usually find enough coverage from Sherdog and MMAnews to satisfy me.

    Oh, any of you ever play MMATYCOON? It's not so bad, and not time consuming at all.
  • BUMP because I've been too inactive and also because I finally started watching The Ultimate Fighter. Anyone else into it? I always avoided it because reality-show-drama-bullshit-presumably but it's actually not too bad, depending on which season you watch. We started with all of season 5 because we already had heard who won it and dig the fighter, and it was really entertaining if still inclusive of some drama (it was mostly interesting drama though), and then we watched all of season 18 with the chicks (jesus christ I lost so much respect for Ronda Rousey, she's a brilliant fighter but she's an incendiary bitch with a shit attitude and a deep trashiness streak) and then season 17 with Sonnen/Jones (I gained a ton of respect for Sonnen, that dude is articulate and an interesting thinker). My bf and I had gone back and forth to season 1 episodes between binging these other seasons, and the original setup with challenges and serious eliminations seemed really dumb to us, so we did a mix of watching a few of those and reading the wiki summaries. :P Not sure which one we'll watch next. Seasons 5 and 17 were particularly full of really good fighters who one sees later in the UFC anyway, though, and were really good seasons all around, so I'm kinda concerned that we've already watched the best ones, but I guess we'll find out.
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