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I was just finding myself wishing I still had the descriptions from a few denizens I've seen, when I started wondering about the role that physical size plays in characters. I've always played a very, very big character (just under three meters), and I've generally tried to play that out as a giant-ass Troll would; slowing down in tunnels, knocking my head on numerous archways and doorways, and having a real fear of being underground.

That got me thinking, though - do other people do this? Is the size of your character something you consider, or is it simply a part of your description that you don't think of too often? What are the sizes of the races, as you envision them? Is there a 'too small' for Tsol or 'too big' for Dwarves to be really acceptable? Has your character's size ever played a factor in your Roleplay more than simply existing in your description? 
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  • Some of the accepted history for Dwarves hints at bigguns. I'd have to look that up again to properly source it though.

    That being said, Riashain is aware of his height. Interacting with objects with others around involves some creativity with use of emotes (e.g. sitting on tall objects). But not all the time, for sure.
  • HerenicusHerenicus The Western Front
    I roleplay glancing up or down at characters who present themselves as taller or shorter, respectively, and avoid mounts and dragonform indoors. It is an easy way to respect player decisions re: characterization and treat dwarves, trolls, and dragons as physically present.
  • KerriaKerria The Red Lioness
    Kerria is short. 
    She always looks up to people even some dwarves.

    the rp between her and Riley is always fun because Riley's a very tall troll. Nearly double her height makes for lots of different view points.
  • Character was born a troll. He still fears being underground (after being dwarven), and will duck under doorways.
  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    My character is small, but I can't say I've really taken the time to flesh that part of her behaviour much. Its definitely something I want to do, though. 

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  • Tibithas pretty short, which I generally keep in mind when I remember to. Especially around Aod
  • On the note of size, what's the generally accepted size of dragons?
  • HerenicusHerenicus The Western Front
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  • I'm still not sure how 1 dragon fits in Gatehouse, let alone 5.
  • The trees, @Dracen... the trees.
  • Meant more Mhaldor Gatehouse, but that kinda makes sense for Eleusis. 
  • HerenicusHerenicus The Western Front
    It's worse in the summer when everyone's sweating and somebody Sure isn't. 
  • KayeilKayeil Washington State
    In my character's lesserform I have had her kneel down or something similar to be at a more level height with shorter friends, or stand on tip-toes for taller ones. As a dragon, I have also made mention of her larger, more imposing size compared to most races.
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  • AustereAustere Tennessee
    Kayeil is the worst for size rp. I bought a gem just to escape the ridicule of being so damn short.
  • Kei is 5'7", and her wife Marina is 6' tall. Kei started wearing heels just to try and keep that 5" difference, since Marina always wore them already, and Kei was constantly having to lean up (and occasionally tug Marina down) to kiss. And yes, I even played her having to get used to heels for a couple of years.

    Beyond that, I make a few references when I can tell it's clear, and I like pulling other details from people's descriptions or the room around. I like trying to make use of little things people put in their description or are wearing...even though the wearing thing is silly for half of us with the sheer amount of junk we all wear at once.

    Dragon specifically I don't RP in very often, or even use, but I have a set of emotes that makes extensive use of "great" and "massive". Kei's also both climbed on top of dragons and been climbed on top of.

    So uh....long way around to say, "Yes".

    As for the size of other races being too far out of bounds, nah, not really a hard limit to me. With the amount of crossbreeding we handwave away, that 7' tall Dwarf is probably half Troll somewhere along the way anyway (and HELP DWARVES even says there's some that are human-sized).

    Aside from commonly short races like Dwarves or tall ones like Trolls I just kind of assume everyone is roughly in the 5'8"-6'2" range in a vaguely humanoid shaped blob unless they specify otherwise, and is close enough to be roughly eye level with whatever Kei is standing at the time. I figure if you don't tell me even roughly what your height is, that's what you intend to happen anyway.

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  • NimNim
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    Nim is short. I roleplay this by doing knee strikes before killing people. Neck strikes can be a pain against taller people, but that's what high leap's for, I think. Also getting annoyed at @Iocun for always being on the freakin' camel. That thing is like taller than her, darn it.
  • CaoimhaenCaoimhaen Targossas
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    Caoi is pretty short for a guy and he is quite aware of this.He will joke about it because their are quite a few taller women. Around @Aodfionn and caoi used to joked about his shortness.

  • I'm short, so I made Trilliana short. And yes, I play it pretty well because I go through it a lot. @Kardal is a good 2 feet taller, Trilli's golem is taller than him, so she picks on him for it at times. And even then... I do make her height a part of her RP. Just because it's what I'm used to doing IRL :)

  • KayeilKayeil Washington State
    Teasing dwarves is all in good fun.  o:) Kayeil is a bit taller than most Sirens she has met, though... and is always in high heels.
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  • Ama's a little wisp of a thing, barely brushing five feet so... she's usually looking up at most people. And some people she'll tug on to get them to come to her height before she gives them a hug. She also has a habit of curling up in laps because she likes feeling safe. It's been a lot of fun having a character that is, in some cases, almost half the height of people she's met. 

  • Bron's roughly six feet tall.

    Truth be told, though, his height is usually the last thing that comes to mind unless someone else is very short or very tall. :hushed: 

  • KatzchenKatzchen Mhaldor
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    yes, height definitely comes into play when you're a 5'2 human in a relationship with a 7' troll. :P Arador has long hair, so Katz tends to yank him by the hair if she wants to drag him down to her level to kiss him. She also has a little bit of an issue with being shorter than most of her novices. Has worn high heeled boots since switching from Infernal. One of her sons is dwarf, and she always ruffles him on the head. She wouldn't do that to someone who was taller than her! She's also always telling Arador get out of dragon form in the house before he stretches his neck and puts a hole in the roof.

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  • Trilliana said:
    I'm short, so I made Trilliana short. And yes, I play it pretty well because I go through it a lot. @Kardal is a good 2 feet taller, Trilli's golem is taller than him, so she picks on him for it at times. And even then... I do make her height a part of her RP. Just because it's what I'm used to doing IRL :)
    Damn golem *mutter*
    When I started playing I read the HELP file about Trolls on the website when choosing a race and pretty much stuck with that. They said Trolls were about 7', usually yellow eyes, stuff like that. So that's what I did.
  • Vesios said:
    The trees, @Dracen... the trees.
    I usually picture dragons as at least partly coiling themselves around the trees, rather than "all there" (so to speak).

    Also, Sarathai is a few inches taller than the average. This may or may not mean that his height magically changes from day to day.
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  • I really try to dismount whenever I go indoors, but 9/10 times I forget. I only consistently do it in the couple of places where I've added scripts to do it for me. Can't really script it to do it in any indoors location though, since that wouldn't be fitting everywhere and be really bad for combat.

    It's not even primarily an issue of size there, though, but more about the general imagery of having a mount trample through a person's living room.

    As for stuff like sheathing weapons: that's pretty important to me as well. Iocun almost never walks around with weapons in his hands unless he's actually fighting. I've also generally made a point of asking people to stow their weapons away when doing rituals/ceremonies and stuff.
  • The beautiful thing about quarterstaves is that they double as magical walking sticks and fantastic roleplay devices, so there's no real reason to sheathe them. Yay multipurposing!
  • Nobody wants to hear about your quarterstaff roleplay and your desire to always keep it unsheathed.

    Except Silas.
  • ಠ_ಠ
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