best client/client mod for visually impaired players

Just wondering, has anyone found a good client or plugin pack good for blind/visually impaired players. Some other MUDS I've tried have plugin packs that add sounds and other things so I'm just wondering if there is anything like that for Achaea.


  • TectonTecton The Garden of the Gods
    We've got players using a wide array of clients, from specialty ones, like VIPMUD, through to the common clients like Mudlet, Mushclient, and Z/Cmud. 

    The game itself offers a few resources to help visually impaired players - CONFIG SCREENREADER ON will remove the text decorations on a lot of the on-screen elements, and a handy clan for supporting anyone who needs help with accessibility in Achaea - CLANHELP VIP.
  • Thanks, sorry if this isn't the right place but I just thought I'd ask.
  • SamakhulisSamakhulis Greeley, Colorado
    Coming in on this a little late, but I thought I'd put in my two cents for later generations..

    I tried VIPMUD. I know I have no real leg to stand on as my only visual impairment is...light nearsightedness, but in my opinion it's very poorly designed, particularly for MUD developers who are trying to work out bugs in screenreader compatibility. It's just a low-quality Visual Basic form with a few text boxes. Not that you'd NEED a lot, but just because you can't see it doesn't mean the developers have any excuse to skimp on its design quality. Again, no need to take my word for it, but in my opinion not worth your thirty bucks.

    A few players I've talked with cued me onto MUSH-Z (, which is a port of MUSHClient with a 400MB sound pack and pre-loaded plugins to work seamlessly (as far as I know) with applications like NVDA. And it's free. I tried it out on a screenreader-friendly PennMUSH server and it worked fairly well, so I imagine it would work similarly well with Achaea's screenreader flag.
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  • well, when you go to the mush-z website, it shows as alteraeon, how can you be sure it works with achaea?
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