What I'm doing and Where I'm Going and oh god am I doing this right

OK, so, ages ago I made an Alchemist. It was fun for a while, but  Asphel was mostly forgotten about until a friend of mine mentioned changes in Achaea. And I was like "Oh yeah, Achaea's a thing." I actually had to leaf through some of my old stuff to remember Asphel's name.

So I resurrected him and, upon looking at my departure notes, remembered that I'm basically trying to grind up money for credits to trans things.

What I was originally doing was tearing up Manara burrow while stopping to smell the roses (as well as the prime-extracting acids or whatever they are), and then trying to sell off those primes.

But now that I can't do that (THE BIG CHANGE) I've been trying to think of how to make cash as an Alchemist. I really don't know much else to do besides clear out Actar/Ulangi/Xhaiden, rinse and repeat.


Lastly, here's what I'm working with:

I was able to get to such a high level because I had an Achaean friend of mine coaching me (but we've since parted ways), so I still feel like basically a newbie at heart. Go here, draw triangles until things stop killing you, go elsewhere...


  • VayneVayne Rhode Island
    You can essentially do whatever you want as a trade now. The big changed it so you aren't stuck selling minerals, tonics, and balms exclusively as an alchemist anymore. You can choose two skills and learn more which cost more lessons at an exponential rate. So you could get back your old alchemist skills, try smithing, make venoms, enhanting, gathering, or any of the others. On top of that we have a new skill set to play with, formulation, that uses minerals to make all kinds of potions and chemical bombs.
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