Custom Prompt Resources

Custom prompts allow for the display of some class-specific resources, such as kai energy, devotion, karma, etc. (I believe the specific identifier for those in the custom prompt command is "*r"). There doesn't seem to be a way to display a grove-user's stored quarterstaff sunlight, even though, as far as I know, this is essentially stored in the character (you can swap out and destroy staves without losing the energy) and can be assessed via EVOKE STATUS without bal/eq and without any loss of energy.

Could the ability to display quarterstaff energy in a custom prompt be added in?

If there are similar resources for other classes that can't be seen in the custom prompt, please feel free to bring those up in this discussion, as well. For resources that require no balance/equilibrium/resource drain to assess, there doesn't seem to be any reason not to have them as a custom prompt option, since they can be added to scripted prompts with some triggers and gagging. This option would just cut down on coding and spamming of abilities, which seems to be the point of custom prompts anyway.


  • Seems reasonable, though small requests/ideas like this are really better handled via the IDEA command in-game.
  • TeghaineTeghaine Cape Town - South Africa - Africa (thatcontinentthatlookslikesouthamerica)
    @Sarapis I thought that all ideas where handled via the IDEA's command in-game and that these forums where merely a way for ideas to be discussed before they are put in with the IDEA's command in-game.
    Please correct me if I am wrong...?
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