So, all of a sudden I am no longer to maintain vigilance. It drops the moment I try to turn it on.
Also, all of my defenses that require mana are not draining my mana at all.

I have full mana and mana elixirs, but I can't even keep vigilance on for more than 2 seconds and all the other mana draining defs, aren't draining any mana at all.


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    Check DIAGNOSE. You might have recklessness that makes you think you have full mana, when in reality you have none (or very little).

    Also, what are you using to keep up defences? The game curing system or something like Svo?
  • I feel soooooo stupid, ha. I was reckless...

    Thanks @Antonius. The moment I typed DIAG, the wonderful spam started.

    I use the game curing system, by the way.
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