Scabbards, sheaths, belthooks, pouches. I hate how they clutter up my desc. I'm the type of person who removes mail when not hunting because I want my inventory to be less cluttered. That being said, here is my solution.

ATTACH <container> TO BELT

 Make a flag for certain items, most notably containers, and allow one to attach it to a belt. Make a limit on how much can be attached to a belt in this way. (I think four slots would be more than enough.) The containers I listed earlier can be WORN still but if one wishes, they can also attach them and it would show up in the description as:

a plain leather belt holding a plain scabbard, an iron belthook, a leather pouch, and an iron sheath.


a plain leather belt with two plain scabbards and a leather pouch.

 While not cleaning up the description overly much, the fun would come in when one REMOVES BELT it would keep everything attached to it, allowing for easy donning and doffing meaning people can be combat ready with just one command.

 I think this would encourage people more towards street clothes instead of everyone walking around constantly armed. I know some people like it, but I think others do not and even those warriors I think would like to see their scabbards and stuff hung from their belt because it's kind of a romantic (not in the lovey-dovey kinda way) image. Does this bring a lot to the world? Not entirely, but DRAW STRONG does not either. I think it would be some great flavour while also turning a bunch of commands into a single one with ease.

Before anyone says this, yes, I know I could just make it one command by making an alias and I do. I just don't like how it feels when I see what I imagine is a pretty good fix.

Any thoughts from others?


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    Not a bad solution, but what about the ones for your back? Backstrap and shoulder scabbards.
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  • Trevize said:
    Not a bad solution, but what about the ones for your back? Backstrap and shoulder scabbards.
    That'd be one of the things this isn't geared to fix and in way it isn't necessary that it should. If you want to wear a scabbard on your shoulder, that's your deal.

  • MelodieMelodie Port Saint Lucie, Florida
    I like anything that lessens description clutter.

    Yes please.
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