Weaponmastery specs

Currently  (after the free changes are up) you simply have to spend 100 lessons to change weaponmastery specs. That is kinda boring.... and doesn't even really make that much sense, from a world view. So I think it would be neat if each spec had a little quest that you go through. The first time around for each spec it's free and you get the basic weapons, maybe even slightly sub-par to forged ones. Learn about the spec and how it is used ect. The first time you do each quest there's no time limit involved in between them, you can even do them all in the same day if you wanted. Then after you do each of them you get one last free time around to go to the one you liked the most. 

Now, when you want to change again you can only do it once every IG year, costing 100 lessons. (maybe even sell weapon spec token for 50cr if you want to wait less than the IG year). 

Just an idea to make achaea more immersive. 


  • I don't think arbitrary/repetitive questing adds to immersion.
    ~Kresslack's obsession~
  • I like the idea of small 3-10 minute quest that introduces you to the style and specifics of each specialisation. That would be both insightful and immersive for novices.

    Doubt it would be "repetitive" as it will be done only once at the start.
  • Avto said:

    Doubt it would be "repetitive" as it will be done only once at the start.
    That would be different than what was suggested in the OP.

    OP suggested that every time you switch out, you have to do a quest akin to the Blademaster quest to get your skillset.  That's neither immersive nor helpful. 

    I mean, god forbid people have to talk to each other to learn how to use their class skills.
    ~Kresslack's obsession~
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