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An Elixir of (Respite/Negation?).. I couldnt really think of a good name. But to go hand-in-hand with Lucky Elixir, life enhancing, and the others, this elixir would negate experience loss for 12 hours. Would make bashing so much more enjoyable for someone like me who connects through crappy internet. 

Just an idea, thanks!


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    I would be so happy if Achaea just ditched experience loss entirely, as Imperian has done.  I don't completely understand why a certain element here clings to it so tightly, but they do.  But no experience loss really frees players up to actually *play* to a far greater degree than is true here, even with the reduced experience loss.  You can and do lose other things through death in Imperian, and it's still meaningful within the context of group conflict, in particular, but anyway, this is a fine little idea (except it would actually probably further entrench experience loss in Achaea if there were an item to counter it).  
  • A zillion years ago when I was playing Gemstone dying did not result in the loss of experience, but perhaps in things which dropped when you died - but if you had some sort of doohickey which you did before you died, you didn't fully "die" but came to in a place, much like we do, except with the experience loss. 

    I can see where some might be more foolhardy if there was no risk of experience loss, but the loss of time is more annoying to me than the lost of the experience. I would not be more willing to die just because there was no XP loss - but would be more willing to charge into battle if there was not.

    If Achaea wants more combat centered conflict, this is not a horrible idea.

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  • That's exactly it, Prythe.  What it really does is allows nearly everyone to say "yes, I will be involved in that fight for our org".  It makes the game *far* more combat friendly, and brings nearly everyone into that fold in some way.  So instead of what really almost amounts to two completely segregated player bases, everyone can get involved.  There can also be some things with capped group sizes that would be very specifically designed for top tier combat teams.  
  • Egggghhhhhh, I'm not entirely sold on the idea.

    Granted, Bron's done his fair share of dying - would it have been nice to have gone through all of that with zero consequences beyond the 2-minute wait? Sure. But I'm also of the opinion that it adds consequences to taking dangerous, arguably stupid actions. It could be a reason why you don't see some people immediately jumping at the chance to dive into an enemy city when it would clearly be a slaughter.

    There also comes a point where the equivalent of this happens already: after Dragon (or, in some cases, after Logosian).  I have so much experience that dying just doesn't do that much. "Oh, no - I died, bursted, and died again - that means I'll have to hunt for 30 minutes. WHICH IS WHAT I PLANNED ON DOING IN THE FIRST PLACE."

    I don't know - maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't see it. :frowning: What's an Imperian, again?

  • In this game, we actually *want* people to take dangerous, arguably stupid actions.  We want to encourage it.  The only thing we don't want them to do is feel they have free rein to be asshats, and really, there seem to be plenty of other ways to quash that.  
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    One of my favorite aspects of Achaea is that it has long-term consequences for both success and failure.

    99.9% of the other games in existence do not have this trait, so I'm not sure why you'd play the one that does, and ask for it to do the same.

    Furthermore, regarding the OP, I could not be more opposed to what is pretty obviously just "selling" experience for US dollars, which is exactly, albeit indirectly, what you are proposing.

    Since IRE already does, quite literally, sell experience (for $25 a month, as well as in the form of 10 credit sips of an elixir that is subtly named: "sips of experience"), both of which already stack, and would also stack with what you're proposing.  (and also stacks with the various other forms of bonus experience, as well, such as TFs and life-enhancing aura, among others)

    Bashing is already 3-4 times faster than it once was, and experience loss is already WAY lower than it once was (the loss cap was introduced, then reduced several times, loss to praying was removed, and the actual amount lost upon deaths was also reduced, and dragonform cuts it in half all over again.  Not to mention, once dragonhood is achieved, deaths do become meaningless, so if that's your goal, then just bash to dragon).

    Since in almost all cases, a single death's worth of experience can be earned back in a matter of minutes (althogh some players artificially drive this amount of time up by bashing poorly), I think this general brand of idea is unnecessary.  This is particularly true since the only reason you provided (being disconnected) has already been essentially solved for you in the form of server curing (which keeps on curing and sipping even if your computer explodes and melts into a puddle on the floor).

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