Anyone else playing Vainglory?  If so, send me an invite:

Name is (drumroll...):  Ernam


  • It looks like some kind of MOBA thing?

    What's the selling point of this one? What does it do differently than the other 2000 MOBAs that seem to be releasing recently?

  • Well it's free, is designed for touch screens (ipads/iphone 6s), and is run by a pretty awesome team.

    Not really trying to sell it anyways, just asking if anyone else is playing it.
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    @Santar - Noticed you forgot to flag the LoL thread.

    Linked for convenience.

    Also:  Why did you flag that?  It's not a violation of anything.  Just curious.


    A recent game (that I did particularly well in):

    VG1.jpg 213.7K
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    why would anyone play this instead of dota, lol, hon, hots, or smite?

    edit: legit question. not trolling.


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    I dunno, they're probably a lot of fun too.  I just read an article about it and gave it a shot, and it turned out to be a ton of fun.  Main reason I like it is that it's free, only plays on tablet, has an awesome dev team, and is incredibly well balanced.

    They also used a pretty cool pay structure.  Free to play, 11 characters, 6 of which are free to play (which rotates weekly).  All eleven can be unlocked with in-game money or real money (the only money they make from the game).

    As a hippy liberal, I despise micropay systems, and I really love the way they set it up to avoid/prevent endless micropayments from players. (At a absolute maximum, you would only pay to unlock half a dozen heros).  Personally, I haven't payed a cent and I've unlocked 7/11 so far.  Will probably buy one or two though, just to give some cash the the creators, because it's a crazy good game.
  • That's actually the same payment model LoL uses.

  • Oh, I didn't know that (I thought you had to buy the game), but I've never played it.  Like I said, I'm sure all those things listed are fun games, I just haven't played them.  I've avoided MOBAs up until now, due to the fact that I am fully aware of my video-game-addictive tendencies, and my observation of the lifestyle of people who tend to get hooked on them (and my history with Achaea).
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    The trailer for this thing is pretty hilarious. Bunch of people spam tapping their tablets. Looks a lot like League of Legends, just for tablet.

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    Woah, just youtube'd some gameplay from the games you mentioned.  What is that, a DOS game (LoL)?  Graphics, please, this is 2014.

    So, @Santar, to answer your question:
    Santar said:
    why would anyone play this instead of dota, lol, hon, hots, or smite?

    edit: legit question. not trolling.

    Graphics.  And natural tablet/touchscreen support.

    Smite does look pretty damn awesome though, I will definitely be getting that on my laptop.

    Vainglory looks like HoN but with much better framerate/resolution.  (Here's a random link of gameplay, although it's not a very good recording).
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    League of Legends (LoL) is a Dota clone which has grown really popular over the last few years. I've played Smite and like it as well.

  • @Ernam: Take a look at newer videos of LoL - they've just recently redone the map graphics (for the first time since it released) and it looks a lot better, they've been slowly going through and updating the 123 characters that are now in the game (most of them look fine, but a few, like Taric, still look like they were modeled in 1997).

    LoL and its ilk have a lot more depth to the gameplay too, and obviously more character variety. The balance tends to be pretty good too since they've had so long to keep adjusting it.

    Among the big three, DotA 2 is a little less...streamlined(?) than LoL and I found it to be too much for me - it's also balanced much more heavily around hard-countering things (CC tends to be very long, character selection is much more important, more items have hugely influential active abilities, etc.) and team coordination than LoL which focuses on soft counters and more twitch-based character design (though obviously team tactics are still a huge deal). Put another way, when I've played DotA 2, I've tended to feel more like fights were decided before they started - which is not necessarily a bad thing since they were decided by people making smart build/comp decisions, but it's not as much to my taste. Learning to coordinate the DotA 2 courier is also a pain, or at least was for me. HoN is the red-headed stepchild - I don't know many people who play it and I've only ever played one or two games, though I used to play the FPS/RTS games that spawned it.

    LoL is probably the most approachable if you want to give it a try, but if you are aware of your video-game-addictive tendencies, LoL is a risky thing to get into.

    I also played Smite while it was in beta and a little bit afterward - it's a really neat concept and worth seeing in action, but I don't think it works quite as well as one would hope. It might be better now though, and it's definitely worth playing a few games of.

    I may have to check out Vainglory though - I wouldn't mind a fun little moba to play with traveling. How long do the games tend to last?
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    Yep, I need to download Smite again tonight. I liked that it was based on the Greek deities and that instead of like a central Nexus, there's basically a team boss fight at the end of each match.

  • I'm updating SMITE right now!
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  • Tael said:

    [lots of stuff]

    I may have to check out Vainglory though - I wouldn't mind a fun little moba to play with traveling. How long do the games tend to last?

    I really appreciate the tl;dr on MOBA's, I admit to having been curious for a long time about them.

    I just got Vainglory because it was demo'd at the iphone 6 / iOS8 release, and is pretty much the benchmark ipad/iphone 6 app for performance and such.

    Gameplay wise, it is essentially a simplified LoL in that it's only 11 characters, each of which has 3 active abilities, and a handful of passives.  Item selection throughout the games (which last about 20-30 minutes) is really key, but you can see item build for everyone in the game, so counter-building to your enemies is pretty important.

    All in all, it's a MOBA designed to be played on touch screens, and on shorter timelines, but is in all honesty much faster paced.  The touchscreen of my ipad 3 is also a hell of a lot more fun than mouse-bound RTS/MOBAs as far as I can tell, too (you do have to be careful with those ultimate abilities, these screens can be cracked).

    One other thing I love about it is that i've played about 250 games now, and have yet to encounter a single glitch abuse or hack.  Hooray for Apple.

  • I imagine that Vainglory will end up with more characters eventually too - LoL launched with far fewer than it has now, they've just been adding one every couple of months for a number of years now.

    I'm surprised that the games are so long though, that's actually not remarkably shorter than a LoL game - a lot of them end at 20 minutes (the first point at which a team can surrender), a lot more end at 30-40, and only a few ever go much beyond that (though they tend to last longer when you're matchmaking in the lower echelons since people aren't as great at seizing advantages and closing games out).

    Also, you can see item builds in LoL too (just hold tab) and counterbuilding is a big thing - building armor against physical damage or magic resist against magic damage for instance. In DotA 2, it's less about building armor against damage (though you do that too) and more about building things like items that cancel CC if you're against someone who has strong CC (though LoL has some of that too). LoL CC tends to be seconds or even fractions of seconds, so having a way to get out of it is great, but not necessary, whereas in DotA 2, CC is often so long that a kill is all but assured, so getting out of it becomes essential.

    Be warned that LoL and MOBAs in general are pretty punishing when you're new and still learning things. When there are more than a hundred characters, you're going to feel like you don't know what the enemy can do pretty often for a while. The number one thing that new players tend not to understand early on is how absolutely essential CS is - look up a video on "last-hitting" and practice for a few minutes in a custom or bots game. Every week the rotation of free characters changes, and playing one game as each of them you haven't played before is advisable. The other thing is what roles people play different characters in - LoL has a very well-defined metagame compared to other MOBAs - virtually every game is a jungler, a top, a mid, and two bottom (a support and an AD carry) - and most characters are only ever really played in one of those roles. The interface won't tell you which characters are in which roles (aside from support and junglers), but usually mages go mid, marksmen are AD carries, and fighters go top.

    The mute button in the tab screen is also your friend.

    (Sorry for TL;DRs, I'm stuck in an airport for six hours right now and bored lol.)
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