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From what I've been able to read and experience with libraries so far, this doesn't seem available. If it is and someone knows how to do it, please contact me to let me know. That being said, my idea is to allow libraries to create and maintain various Sections, much like shops do with bins. This would allow literary material of a certain subject to be easily found by anyone searching, in that the listings would be broken up into things such as History, Creative, Poetry, Combat, Theology, etc as set by the Librarian. In the Ebon Fist we achieved this is sorts by having four rooms with a library in each, with each one being dedicated to a specific Shore.


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    Not that I'm against the idea, but another easy way to accomplish this is with different bookshelves. Being able to title shelves to denote "sections" might be a simpler work-around.
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    Yeah, only currently doable with different rooms/bookshelves.

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  • Yes! I'm all for this!
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  • Master Librarian License (Like the master shopkeeper) that lets you set this up?

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    Trey said:
    I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to this, but I like the idea of a sprawling library with different sections that you actually physically walk to, like a normal library.
    That can be done just by putting bookcases in different rooms, and Iike that but it can be expensive. This could be more for categorizing bookshelves individually, if that would work better. It's just a pain sometimes to walk into a library with four bookshelves and have to scan through a long list of tomes when you already know (generally) what you're looking for.

  • Agreed on that, definitely. Would actually work well with one room or several.

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    I would like to label a bookshelf. Actually, if I could look only at the books on one particular bookshelf when I probe it with a specific number, would help.

    While we're on the topic of libraries, can library permissions PLEASE be fixed? You've got code in there for multiple groups, but it doesn't work, it only looks at the first group and ignores all the rest. They haven't worked for at least a year, and I'm starting to think maybe I'm the only one that uses this functionality.
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