Tracking humours

In combat, it becomes hard to read what is going on, as such most people either highlight things, make new lines for things, or make  something to track things. Well, I got bored and decided to try my hand at making something for Alchemists to help with such a thing. I in no way, claim that this is perfect as there are issues it has (just because I have no idea how to fix them) however it is a good start for anyone who wishes to learn combat or to get an idea of how to script (look at that, works both ways.)

When you upload it via the package manager, go to the scripts and change the:  x = 1000, y = 0, to something a tad bit smaller. Because of the fact that I play on a 32" tv it gets hard to see things going on in th e game when I have this window covering it. Something around 150 will make the screen visible, however moving it simple. Just change the X axis to something you like depending on where you want it from left to right, same with the Y axis if you want it to go up or down. To reset the tracker just do HRESET (all lowercase) and it will do it.

The colour of the ON|OFF changes depending on if you are on balance or not, same with EQ. If ON balance of either one, then the ON is white while the OFF is grey, and vice versa if you are off balance. Do enjoy, and let me know if you need any help via PM or a comment. Any comments on it good or bad is welcomed.


  • Found a small mishap on my part in the coding which caused the balance to not work properly. Fixed it and uploaded it into the dropbox, link should still be the same. Message or PM me if you have any questions or concerns.
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