Possibly getting back in - class suggestions requested

Hello, all!

I'm contemplating a return to Achaea (again), but I want to make a change this time around and actually play something I can be functional in if not competitive.

Previously, I've played Druid, Sylvan, and Serpent. Love each in their own rights, but I was never much good at any of them. I'm also currently a dwarf but willing to change that.

I've got some cash to drop and a couple of artefacts to trade in, plus some gold stowed away. I'm around level 78 and a member of Eleusis and don't want to change that.

What are your suggestions for a class (-es? Is multiclassing in yet?) plus arties that will give me a shot at being useful in both PVE as I finish the dragon grind and PVP? 

I'm generally thinking something melee-oriented, but open to virtually any suggestion.

Thanks a bunch!

- T


  • Blademaster, monk are my suggestions. No multiclass out yet, though. Could go runewarden if you're willing to splurge a bit more on equipment.

  • Blademaster was considered fairly weak when it came out if I remember correctly (that was the last time I was even remotely active) - has it gotten better?

    And what arties for blademaster/runewarden (assuming that's what you meant by splurging on equipment)?

    Thanks for the suggestions!
  • Blademaster bashing was given a decent enough upgrade from recent classleads. Should be able to bash decently at your level. By comparison, new BM hunting is way more tolerable than its nerfed version.

    By 'splurging on equipment', I mean regular gold stuff, not arties. Sorry, was referring to getting fieldplate/fullplate, decent rapiers(or whatever shiny weapon Knights want to use when their changes go live), and runes, as compared to ringmail and your blademaster sword(which is pretty much standardized in terms of performance as opposed to forged weapons).

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    Go BM.  It's death-proof, has the most powerful offense in the game, some of the coolest flavor, thousands of credits in artefact abilities, and amazing utility.  Has good artefact options, decent bashing, arguably best 1v1 class in the game, really good in raids.

    Could always go Knight - it's one of the easiest classes to get back into combat with, and is about to get some really cool changes / upgrades.
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    I don't know that BM is really good in raids, unless you're fairly tanky and quick. If you're staying in Eleusis, I would actually recommend giving Sentinel a shot.

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