Nexus- should I continue on?

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I started playing the game a few years ago on mudlet and it was good, then I quit playing, (life and such)
So I got back in and am using Nexus because it's pretty similar to Mudlet, but I'm noticing glitches and stuff, really inconvenient, (triggers on one computer don't follow to the next computer)
Do the other web-based browsers work better?
I tried html5 and it confused me, but I could give it another try i suppose.
please let me know! 


  • CardanCardan The Garden
    Firstly, welcome back!

    As Nexus is no longer a supported client, I would definitely recommend looking at choosing another option.

    The HTML5 client is worth the effort ( I use it because I had trouble with the mudlet install on OSX ) but other popular options include Mushclient, CMud (or ZMud), and Mudlet, all of which have their own pros and cons, which, I'm sure if you had a look through the archives of the forums you'd probably find a number of threads about each.
  • I would suggest taking a plunge back into mudlet (don't try to ease into it). Just dive right in, no lube. A whole bunch of people are able to help you with questions or problems you might have -and- omnipave (one of the popular, public curing systems) is now free.

    HTML5 is most similar to Nexus and has several really cool features that can be coded into mudlet, they're just not readily available.

  • it figures nexus would drop out right as I finally got around to getting a cure system. what a waste. now I have to reset everything up ;-;

  • I just stay with Nexus because I don't feel like redoing all my triggers.. And I've never really had a problem with it.
  • My system got blown all to hell in the year+ I was dormant. I'm limping along with Nexus and dragging my feet on switching to Mudlet/svo. I've got some really exploitable holes right now though >_>
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