A question regarding customising mini-pets.

KayeilKayeil Washington State
This is mainly a question for the admins.

I was told I could customise my crated Inbhir terrier puppy into a pit bull terrier puppy after opening it. Then today I was told I cannot. I was wondering if this means we cannot customise mini-pets at all anymore?
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  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    It may be the 'pit bull' part, which is an OOC breed reference. You'll notice that animals in game tend to be Achaean related breeds. A Mysian parrot, a Sangre hound, a Kalemekain (however the hell you spell that place with the hairy women) snow kitten, a Siroccian fighting kitten, etc.

  • KayeilKayeil Washington State
    Yet they have hounds, sheepdogs, and labradors?
    What doesn't kill you gives you exp.

  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    Kayeil said:
    Yet they have hounds, sheepdogs, and labradors?
    Yes, but none of them are identified as something from the real world. They're all Achaean specified based on geographical regions, which is usually also reflected in their descriptions as well.

    An exceptionally long snout, oversized nose, and a narrow head give this puppy a melancholy look. 
    She views her surroundings with stone blue eyes, their edges already turning brown as she ages. Her 
    body is a contrast of shapes, being exceptionally thin in the hindquarters with a barrelled chest 
    that heaves and sighs at a regular pace. Adding to the dog's sleek appearance is the seamless and 
    short-haired fur covering her like a sheet of pressed gold and intermixed with silky white around 
    her belly and nose. She is called 'Xerenya.'
    An Adryn hound puppy looks relatively helpless.
    She has 100% health remaining.
    She weighs about 50 pounds.
    She is loyal to Kresslack.
    An Adryn hound puppy is holding:
    It will reset to you.

    So this type is from Adryn's Keep in the Putoran Hills.

  • KayeilKayeil Washington State
    Here is my answer via e-mail:

    Hi there!

    In regard to the customisation, the specificity of the breed type causes this to be a little too non-Achaean. You could most certainly achieve the same result with a few alterations. For example, via the examined description. However, the appearance of the puppy would not be able to have the 'pitbull' aspect.
    What doesn't kill you gives you exp.

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