How do you make an action queuing system in the HTML5 Client?

Hello, I'd to create a script that uses settarget but adds functionality based on how many times an attack is issued without balanced recovered.

 It is a queue system that is based on the amount of times you use that attack command before balance is recovered. But it only engages when a particular attack is registered.

 Such that, each time you ping the statement 'You must regain balance first' it adds that attack in a queue after you've recovered balance again, until all actions in the queue are completed.  If I issued two attacks BASH and CRUSH, then bash would be issued 1st and CRUSH 2nd and so on, but only if both bash and crush were recognizable attacks by the queue system.

You have recovered balance on all limbs. (issue the next received attack command upon recovery ⇔ it was issued by 'You must regain balance/equilibrium first' being pinged by a recognized attack. If no known attack was issued, do nothing.

How might I think of this in simpler terms using the built in queue and wait system?

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    Create a trigger that takes the message "You have recovered balance on all limbs."

    QUEUE ADD EQBAL (action).

    E: It also helps to add to the regex for the balance message the messages for standing, successfully writhing, and curing paralysis, such that you attempt the action any time these things are overcome.
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