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How to add a sound to a trigger in mudlet

YazukiYazuki Member Posts: 21 ✭✭ - Stalwart
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Okay, so I just went from G-mud to mudlet ... It is a big change, I am scratching my head over the reflex system; however that is not the question... The question is How does one add sound to a trigger in mudlet. I was sitting in my living room in ashtan and some one just tried to summon me. Normally I have a sound that plays if some one attempts to do that,or if some one tries to prism to it sounds the star trek red alert klaxon sound... Needless to say that was rather nerve wreaking because they probably wanted to kill me and I did not know it was happening. O_o because I was half day dreaming (working on the damn trigger set) 

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  • XerXer LangleyPosts: 804
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    Mmm. Sounds are awesome. I have them connected to city emotes, music boxes, various combat things, tells, city channels, basically anything that has an easy to get sound. Oh yeah, rain.
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