How much defense per rank do Constitution/Thermology/Frost/Antidotes/Galvanism grant?

Or another way to put it.. at what rank does your resistance become equivalent to one level of Racial resistance? How much resistance does 1 level grant?

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    90% Sure they scale with rank, not lessons.  If it is based on lessons, it's still weighted to be more effective early on, which is effectively the same thing.

    You get a lot more benefit at lower ranks, per lesson, which is why I usually advise people to spread lessons around in them early on, to get the most bang for the buck.

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    I was mostly assuming that because the regen boost from fitness/philosophy is based on lessons spent rather than rank, and I'm pretty sure the damage reduction (not the dodge bonus) from avoidance is based on lessons (since 2-3 ranks in avoidance didn't give 1/11 of the trans damage reduction per rank; though it could be that it depends on rank and it just isn't linear).
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    No, @Sena should be correct. It used to be the case that it was by rank, but I'm fairly certain that it was said that they scale with lessons now, either by admin on forums or from an announcement.
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