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Am I missing something or is it mysteriously not possible to use keybinds to call functions or execute scripts?

It seems deeply strange that this is the case given that aliases can do both of those things. If indeed keybindings can only send commands, this might be the end of my love affair with the HTML5 client, which would make me very sad because I like essentially everything else about it.

Edit: Nevermind - I figured out that you can call functions via commands. That's an awfully weird way to do it though - why do aliases have a specific option to call functions if you can just call a function via a command?

On an unrelated note, is there an API reference somewhere that has all of the functions like client.send_direct() in it?


  • You can keybind an alias, make the alias execute your script.
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    I looked at the client's (pretty disappointing) documentation. You can actually just enter the function name as a "command" - I'm not really sure why alias has a separate option for "call a function". See my edit above.

    The HTML5 client could really use some work in terms of the reflex interface - it's bizarre that functions act as a sort of degenerate alias. It really ought to take a page from Mudlet and just let you choose between writing commands to send the game and writing code directly into aliases/triggers instead of having this weird, indirect "function" thing.
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    Out of curiosity, is there an HTML5 equivalent to the Mudlet Clan?

    Regarding your question - sorry, I have no clue.

  • There is, though I'm not really sure how useful it is given the few times I've asked questions there so far.

    The documentation for the HTML5 client is just incredibly poor, and the whole concept of "functions" as weird alias-like things separate from the aliases that call them is really needlessly byzantine.

  • Well it's still relatively new, I'm sure it'll pick up a lot more once some more competitive systems are developed and more people start using it.

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    I would be very, very surprised if anyone could stomach writing a really competitive system for it with the documentation in this state.

    I like the direction that the HTML5 client seems to be heading, but it needs some work. And, again, documentation.
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