Title should make it obvious:
Which traits are best for a Blademaster? Which ones are equal/optional/situational? And which ones should you downright avoid?

Obviously nimble is a must-have since that's 10% more damage/actions for only 5% more damage received, and something about expert diagnoser but I'm too new to know what that actually does for me.
Stats do little for a Blademaster so the only one to get would be Constitution, if that.
Hows the dodge trait? I know its useless against denizens, but as a Raja it makes me curious about what it works against, and how often.
Worst comes to worst one of the crit traits are okay, right?

Finally for someone not going into tailoring/jewcrafting, and not planning on being a sailor/drunkard, what Minors would you suggest?


  • I'm just echoing Her Highness Sena, Forum Majesty of Statistics and Knowledge, but I think nimble is actually -5% resistance rather than +5% damage. For blademasters, this mostly would affect resistance skills, that one ability we have in Shindo, and being in Mir. This is important because I believe Arash contrasts this, actually giving a boost to incoming damage outright.

    Blademasters aren't really good for dodging. They have even less abilities than classless characters would have to boost it (no riding), and little reason to go dex aside from dodging.
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    Spec for Con with the +1 Con trait, and Nimble

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  • I apologize for reviving this dead thread, but is using the strength racial spec no good?
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    Nothing wrong with reviving old threads in class subsections if ya ask me, but yes, strength is arguably the best stat to focus on for BMs.  The only real exception might be selecting constitution spec for bashing, but only if you have no artefacts and do so knowing that it's going to slightly hurt your bashing speed (DPS) for a relatively small increase in max health.

    Same goes for trait selection, although it isn't set in stone that selecting a stat trait is necessarily the "best" for high-end combat, since neither max health or strength are very important above midbie level combat, for blademaster.

    I will point out that BM with pure strength focus does some seriously scary damage, both bashing, and against players.
  • So, reviving an old thread apparently not being the worst thing, do these older opinions still stand?

    Choosing Human as race, and Nimble for one major trait, and without the expectation of any artefacts for a while, how would you balance strength and constitution? Extra con point from weathering included in these.

    15 strength, 13 constitution
    14 strength, 14 constitution
    13 strength, 15 constitution
    12 strength, 16 constitution
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    I would go full Con, personally. Strength helps marginally in bashing after the latest rework, and enough of your damage comes from battle rage which you can't modify anyway.

    12 strength and 15 strength aren't going to be night and day difference. 16 con vs 13 con is nearly 1000 health, though.

    Edit: I'm fairly artied. I have 13 strength and I can still kill people with damage vs the right resists. Strength helps, but not more than Constitution, imo.

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