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[HTML5] Of Logging and Chrome Extensions

TibithaTibitha Member Posts: 742 @@ - Legendary Achaean
So I was going to post this in Quick Questions, but I realised it might not be that quick, so here it goes.

Okay so I love the HTML5 client, my only gripe is still logging. It a) runs out of space too quickly and b) I can't actually download the file (Chrome just dies). I'll try on another browser when I get home and see if it let's me download but playing on another browser isn't really a long term solution for me (I like Chrome <3).

I was thinking that maybe I could create some kind of Chrome extension that logs to a local file instead as I know writing to a local file with javascript is a pain unless you go down the ActiveX rabbit hole. Buuut I don't actually know how to intercept the packet as I'm not seeing packets coming into the browser (I have very little experience beyond normal GET/POST packets).

So does anyone have any clues as to how to actually get hold of the feed? Should I just read it from the DOM directly?


  • DelronaDelrona Member Posts: 22
    Just for reference, this issue still exists. I was hoping someone had an answer, but it seems like the only option is something other than Chrome.
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