Scytherus and you.

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So Scytherus is something i've been looking into lately, as trying to add it to my stack or use it so that when people start getting relapsed they switch to cure it instead. the problem is, it seems completely random on how it works.

I've asked a few older serpents (Because as far as I know nothing with Scytherus has never changed) and they all generally tell me they have no f'in clue how it works because the camus stack.

So new thread about Scytherus to get more information out about it!


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    *Besides the camus stack. not because

  • Last I knew Loki relapses as camus but I'm not sure if that's still the case. 

  • This type of thing should be learned in game, imo.  I'll be back for a few weeks, hit me up.
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    I've tried biting my self with Scytherus, and watching it relapse already. but honestly not got much out of that.

  • It's a very complicated venom, but as was mentioned, I'm pretty sure about half of the "features" of scytherus are just age-old bugs that have become well known enough to be considered intentional.  In general though, as long as you're using it for a few quick relapses for a lock attempt or just going for easy damage stacks, you don't really need to get into the science of it, once you know the basics of how it works.
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    I've found that for some reason slike will relapse as nechamandra as well.
    It's been awhile since I've used it, so I can't remember if it relapses the last venom afflicted or cured, but I'm pretty sure that it afflicts the last venom afflicted. (but on that note it also seems to have a higher chance to proc the more venoms you just put on a person, even though I believe it will sometimes relapse the same venom) But as I said, it's been a long time
    After you use Camus it will only relapse camus, so it works really well to continue afflicting after the camus bite because it will begin damaging them while getting locked. I've been lucky before to hit with scyth/camus then dstab with curare/kalmia and see a instant double relapse (followed with another bite), which would be around 60% or so of a persons health in less than a second, followed up with a few more bites for a quick death.

    It's an amazingly fun venom to play around with. I'd say just jump into the arena, see how it interacts with every venom, then double venoms, then camus and other venoms.
    Also ginseng stack is the easiest it's ever been with vardrax and whatnot, so you could always work on that!
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    oh, on another note. It seems a test I did with epteth/epseth and managed to get all four limbs while relapsing, so what I said about last venom afflicted must be wrong.

    I think this is how it works with dstabs. There is a chance to proc per venom hit.
    X% chance kalmia will hit, X% chance curare will hit. The timing is iffy but it seems to be from .5-5.0s after an affliction
    now if the scytherus is not cured, it will randomly start relapsing curare, the last venom afflicted.

    There is a chance on relapse that it will be silent... (impossible to prove because silent) But if on that dstab they cure curare first, Kalmia could relapse but nothing will happen, the message will not even show for the victem.
    I know that might seem kinda silly but I believe that is what is happening

    after Scytherus relapses the last afflicted venom a time or two without extra administered venoms, I believe it goes dormant, meaning that scytherus will only really afflict within a certain given window of time

    Mind you I am no scientist like Sena, but this is what the venom has "appeared" to do for me.
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