Is there only one guild for infernals?

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that is my basic question, though wondering why an infernal couldn't join say the Merchant's of the Crown or Ty Beirdd

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  • There are no Guilds anymore, we have Houses instead.

    And I'll just quote HELP INFERNAL:

    ** Please be advised that this class comes with restrictions on your
    actions. The skill of Necromancy is dependent to some extent upon the will
    of the forces of Evil; if you choose this class but act against them, you
    may find that your ability to use such skills are revoked. Thus, this class
    requires at least some roleplaying.

  • ok, yes I meant house. I know they're different but I mix up the terms sometimes. My question really is based on wanting to roleplay a character who is an infernal because of wanting power, but I don't want to be in the military per se and that's what Mahdooi seems like to me. So do any other houses accept Infernals? I am serving Evil just no nessisarily Mhaaldor.
  • To be clear for the OP: The preceding two posts were completely sarcastic, if you are a non-Mhaldorian Infernal then Carmain will literally vivisect you IRL in real life
  • On that subject, how awesome is the job title "Dread Ecclesiarch of Transvital Corruption"?
  • @Sitha‌
    Nobody really answered your question.

    There is technically only one house for Infernals, and that is the Maldaathi. That's in the most basic sense.
    Being somewhere other than Mhaldor as a necromancer exists, but it comes with the risk of losing a huge portion of your abilities.

    There ARE necromancers in non-Mhaldor houses, but that's a moderately rare situation, and normally it's because they joined many IRL years ago.

    Your basic options as an infernal:
    Join Mhaldor and the Maldaathi house...
    Or be a rogue (cityless/houseless), and go from there, while avoiding pissing Mhaldor off or even letting them know really.
    I think Hashan also accepts necromancers, but I do not believe their houses do.

    As for your "power" question: While the description of Infernals is pretty badass and the idea of them is cool, they aren't necessarily "more powerful" than other classes (not counting the part where they're OP as Hell in PvP right now).
    All classes have extremely similar, if not identical, power capabilities. 

    The best tip I can give you is: If you don't want to be in Mhaldor, I'd advise not playing infernal. And if you do, remember that your abilities could be stripped at any given time.

  • Also probably relevant is that Mhaldor's houses are going to get replaced soon with houses that will accept all classes (assuming the pattern continues), so there's a good chance that there will be room to be in a less militaristic evil house in the near future (though evil itself is a pretty militarist concept in Achaea anyways)

  • So yeah I changed class the a runewarden so that I could be in a different house.
  • Sitha said:
    So yeah I changed class the a runewarden so that I could be in a different house.
    That would have been my first choice for you, Runewarden. Welcome to Achaea!

  • Just as a note, while it's true in most games that you can serve an ideal without serving its paragon city/deity, the same is really not true in Achaea. It's been decreed that you are not truly serving evil outside of Mhaldor, good outside of Targ, etc., by the relevant Gods several times. Flying in the face of that is just kind of silly.

    Probably inoffensive for the odd individual to try it for their own personal RP, but these attempts peter out pretty quickly because of the established canon of Achaea. Probably better to join Mhaldor or roll a class other than Infernal/Apostate.

  • It sounds like he just really doesn't want to be Maldaathi (which is reasonable for a new player, since it sounds like a pretty intimidating/elite House from its HELP description).
  • Yeah, I was quite intimidated by their hpuse help files even.
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