Holy Cow!

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I just realized I haven't played Achaea in 3 or 4 years! What's changed, homies?


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    Spend a few hours in the News, go all through the Events and Announcement sections. Might take you a day or two, but will be worth it.

  • Only thing that changed was that I became more attractive.

    I wasn't here three years ago, so it was easy.
  • Summary of the 3-4 years that have passed: "The only constant in life is change. Except if your wallet is perpetually empty, then the other constant of life is being unemployed. Get a job, hobos."

    Oh, and new classes, expansion of telepathic channels to continents, etc.

  • All of them less important than me.

    Oh right, theft got deleted (more or less) too.
  • - The Blademaster class was introduced.
    - The Alchemist class was introduced, providing a non-forestal source of healing items. Forestal classes can only join Eleusis now, and alchemists can join any city but Eleusis.
    - Praying for salvation no longer costs additional XP.
    - Racial stats, bonuses, and penalties were overhauled. They've been largely replaced by a combination of racial specialisations (stat builds) and traits (perks/feats you can take every ten levels).
    - Theft via the force-command system has been removed. In its place, Serpents are now able to pickpocket gold and certain items from a person's inventory. This can also be done on NPCs.
    - Aligned classes are more closely aligned. Necromancers, forestals, devout, and occultists have all largely been pulled from cities that oppose them.
    - All of Sapience has been revealed, as well as most of the continent of Meropis. (See here)
    - More recently, simplified PK (PK with RP justification) replaced the old PK-cause system.
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    Cahin said:
    5/6 cities have ostracized Bluef. 
    Snub became a combat mechanic.
    Snub was removed. 
    About fracking time.
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