Tox - a secure alternative to Skype

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I have been using various forms of OtR (Off-the-Record: over the years. OtR implementations are not very user-friendly and sharing your fingerprints/identity across different devices hasn't ever been straightforward. Tox ( aims to solve many of these issues in order to provide a semi-anonymous and encrypted messaging system that is very similar to Skype - supporting encrypted voice, video, and text.

There are clients for all major OS including mobile devices. (



  • Looks cool, I didn't realize this project took off. Thanks!

  • StrataStrata United States of Derp
    I don't think it took off. Need people to use it for that.
  • Too political.  (sarcastically) Flagged.
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  • Ellodin said:
    oh god it's worse than remembering icq numbers
    ICQ numbers aren't bad* if you're one of the cool** kids who got in before the numbers got long.

    *Not AS bad, anyway
    **Those people are not actually cool, at least anymore. I was briefly impressed when I noticed that my advisor's ICQ number is in the 12-millions (compared to mine from `96-ish, which is in the 480-millions), but it didn't take long for that to turn into annoyance at him being the only reason for me to pay attention to ICQ. Pretty sure the "cool" threshold is somewhere around 3 digits.
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    And I was drinking PBR before the 4th dimensional reptilian shape-shifters inseminated the descendants of Gottlieb and Fredericka Pabst while whispering "500,000 generations from this sperm shall be the start of something cool."
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