Basic Evenoming/Targeting for Knights

KenwayKenway San Francisco
So a while ago I made myself a semi-fancy envenoming script that autocycles my venoms according to what I want blah blah blah not the point. Basically a couple people got a hold of that and ended up using it. That's fine I don't really mind but the version they got a hold of was very early and very buggy and relied largely on other personal triggers and such that weren't included in the files they ended up with. I also didn't get to let them know how it works and I've heard stories of several knights who have struggled due to using my system without knowing how in its broken state.

I know it's something beginners struggle with, so I made a version that's self-contained and a lot simpler.
Hopefully this version is useful enough to help get people over that entry barrier to non-loldamage knight combat but also simple enough that they actually have to learn for themselves.

Things are highlighted so that:
Bloodroot = Red
Kelp = Green
Salve = Orange
Goldenseal/Focus = Yellow

Hope people find this useful! Happy stacking.

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