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My 8yr old is always interested when I'm playing Achaea and recently we've had discussions about when I used to play D&D and AD&D is a teenager. I'd be keen to try this out one weekend and been looking into D&D again, but having been out of this for a few years, does anyone have any suggestions for something I can play with him? (and potentially his 11yr old sister)

If it can be done without having to buy a board game or pieces, all the better :)



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    FATE or Simple D6 might work.

    Fate can be pretty light on needing much other than a story and a character sheets and has very quick (compared to D&D) character creation once you get the basic rules down.

    And both are 'free', in that Fate is Pay-What-You-Want (or not at all)

    While they title may be off-putting to your son, the rules in P&P make for a fun, less-challenging game to get involved in roleplaying and story development more than worrying about dice rolls, while still learning all the dice and basic mechanics of other games.
  • It depends on your purpose, on what your son and yourself would like to experience in terms of gameplay.
    • If you want to experience roleplay without bothering too much about math, I advise you (free) Wushu. It is very simple to handle.
    • If you think you would both enjoy more simple dungeon crawler, I'd try any of DND retroclones (or the original AD&D if you still have the books) and combine it with the dungeon generator. You may even print the map to play with figures.
  • @orzaansyn - That second option looks good, especially the map creation.  :)

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    Here are some games with minimal or no dice rolling and storytelling focused gameplay:

    Note: they're also very flexible in terms of setting, if that's a concern.
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