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Best race and specialisation for Blademaster?

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Title says it all, weigh in?


  • AtalkezAtalkez Member Posts: 4,841 @@ - Legendary Achaean

    Blademaster isn't a class that requires any of the Stats to really be effective. I personally trait for Con, so that I can be as tanky as possible. Your speed of your slashes and pommels with be affected by your Twoarts ability and any artefact band you may get. Your damage will scale with Strength, but damage is not really a widely-used tactic in the BM arsenal in a 1v1 scenario.

    For hunting, you're going to want Con for sure to survive. Your damage is again based on your TwoArts, unless you decide to use Burst which is INT based, but overall subpar to the slashes.

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    Traits are very important, and I think that Nimble and Expert Diagnoser are, without a doubt, not optional.  From there, strength or con stat is pretty good.  Sticky stirrups is also pretty great if you plan on fighting mounted (pretty good idea against a few classes, despite the costs).

    If you're really new to game, and don't plan on getting too in-depth with afflictions, you may want to use Sawbones - but it's really unnecessary in the long run, is really inaccurate, and is nowhere close to as powerful as expert diagnoser, and you can't have both.

    Race, like @Atalkez said, is pretty unimportant.  I'd just min-max strength with a preference for con where possible.  The other way around if you're focusing on bashing (but if you're focusing on bashing, why are you a blademaster?)  I personally use xoran vanquisher, because a blademaster with 21 strength (22 if we ever get icons) is no joke.  I accidentally kill people while prepping pretty regularly.

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