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Made this thread last week, but it's bugged.  (from

Ernam said:

Despite some claims that it wasn't possible, and with the help of a lonnnng list of people, the blademaster (and several other) limb damage equations have been solved.

In conjunction with this, I noticed something: There were currently no high-quality (publicly available) limb counters available, particularly for Blademaster.

Thanks to a brief stint of "free time" lately, I decided to spend some time building a limb damage tracking system.

The design goals of the system were... not exactly modest:

  • Only use the game's actual limb damage equations (no guestimates, no magic numbers, no thumbrules)
  • Support all classes, all stances, all artefacts, all weapon types, skill levels, etc.
  • Tracks multiple targets at a time, and also tracks limb damage reset time of each of their limbs.
  • To the most accurate extent possible, track limb damage from third parties and rebounding.
  • Customizable display and GUI options (auto-hiding of GUI, SVO prompt tags, prep warnings, etc)
  • Fully functional API and boolean "prepped" functions.
  • Include parry tracking and parry strategy detection
  • Full in-Mudlet help / config interface (example)
  • Work seamlessly with Godzilla (for those using it)
  • A host of other stuff

As of yet all design goals have been met, with one exception.  As of now, the system is fully functional with most classes that use limb damage - however - I have not been able to completely test it with a few major classes.  I am releasing the project to Blademasters first, which has been thoroughly tested by multiple people, and has been proven accurate to a single hitpoint, from 500-~11,000hp, with all bands, stances, and so on.

One other thing I'm proud to present is a very useful real-time "prep path" algorithm for Blademasters (screenshot), which outputs the most efficient route to putting limb pairs into double break range (yes, respecting main and off-slash damage, specifically).  The path is updated every single time your target receives limb damage, or whenever you change stance, change target, etc.  The algorithm also (optionally) respects your target's parry strategy, and will find a route with their strategy taken into account.

For the full list of features (there are quite a few more) as well as some combat log demos (coming very soon), please see the Manda website.

I'll follow up with a few combat logs to demonstrate the system in action.  I also expect the Knight release (all three) to be released in the next several days, followed closely by all other classes within the next several weeks.  Staggering the releases will help me contend with minor bug fixes quickly, as they present themselves, and will give me enough time to help people get the system set up and incorporated into their own combat styles and/or systems.

I'd also like to make a big thank you to a long list of people who helped with the limb damage testing, as well as coding, of the project.  Big shout-outs to @Seragorn, @Isaiah, and @Vadimuses for either direct or indirect help, as well as to the two-three dozen individuals who let me hit them for hours to develop and test the various equations (@Aelios, @Linus, @Qara, @Iskla, @Reonna, @Goggo being some of the big ones!).  Also props to @Dorn whom I've never actually met, but whose GUI was used as a starting point for Manda's.

To those already using the system, thanks for your support and participation, and have fun!


  • I messaged you about it, no response yet.


    Penwize has cowardly forfeited the challenge to mortal combat issued by Atalkez.

  • For those of you out there using Manda, just as a reminder, you can easily account for the classleads change to limb damage reset time (now 3 minutes instead of 5), by changing the  limb_damage_reset_time variable in settings, ideally to 180 seconds.

    New updates will also have this change, of course.
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    Major update to Manda released today.  Includes several major and minor bugfixes and upgrades.

    The package was sent to everyone's e-mail.  If you didn't get it, I don't have you on the mailing list!  Please let me know via PM, e-mail, or in game.

    Things added/fixed:

    The default limb damage reset time was changed to 180 seconds (due to classlead change).

    A trigger bug with Compassslash was fixed.

    Accounted for a few minor rounding issues (most people never saw it).

    Added a setting (enabled by default) to have Manda reset limbs after it has calculated a break.  With this option enabled, limbs are reset 3.1 seconds after they reach a value of 100% (to account for restoration + 100ms latency).  This delay prevents counting error caused by hitting limbs during restoration process.

    The above feature is overridden if you are using Godzilla, which tracks and resets limb breaks more accurately on its own.


    If you're used to using SVO's limb counter, you can easily set up an nn alias which resets limbs in a similar way using manda.reset_limb(limb, [name]).

    ex: manda.reset_limb("right leg")
          manda.reset_limb("right leg", "Atalkez")

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