Lag problems.

CaladbolgCaladbolg Campbell County TN
edited August 2014 in Tech Support

I'm not sure honestly if it's my internet or possibly my scripts doing it. but i've been randomly getting spurts of 1-6 second lag (usually in raids) 

Was wondering if there was a way to test between server lag and personal internet lag on the spot as it's not constant.

The thing that makes me wonder is if this happens it's usually around this time. but there's typically raids around at this point.

On the other hand it happens during group combat alot but not always, and sometimes with just one or so people.

As of right now standing at rally point with 11 people doing different things im at.. an average of 36ms ping, which my normal is 35ms so I don't see that as being a thing.

On the other hand im not sure why my scripts would do it randomly in combat when no combat is happening or something as simple as mind throw.


Also as a note, i'd like to suggest a sticky for lag problems.


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