Charity for Crystal Crow

I'm not sure how many of you play/watch minecraft, but there's a big community charity going on to help Crystal Crow. She's been disabled for the last 4 years due to a spinal injury, and she can only walk for brief minutes using crutches. She'd been living in a rundown trailer on a family member's land, but she's soon to be homeless unless she has help. She's already been denied disability by the government, and all of her local churches and help organizations have refused her. The ultimate goal is to raise enough money for her to get an RV  to live in and enough to cover basic living expenses for the near future. 13k has already been raised, but the charity stream is going until this friday. Here's both a link to the donate page and the charity stream. Even if you don't give, simply watching the stream will generate ad revenue that goes to her. DISCLAIMER: Don't read the story unless you want to be really sad.

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