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  • Cynlael said:

    Step 1) Temper their humours lots, comboing with truewrack.

    Step 2) Fuck them up.

    That's my understanding of how to fight as an Alchemist.

    Not gonna lie, that's more than I knew before, which mostly consisted of "make them eat lots of gingko biloba and annoy them with mini-me."

  • Personnally, I rather think like @Santar‌, all classes are quite balanced. You'll always find a class against which you'll have difficulties, but I think every class has this.

    And remember, a class is quite like an Iron Man armor. It's nothing without the human inside.

  • Pretty accurate overall description but:

    -Cannot temper/educe/truewrack, but can temper/educe/wrack or temper/truewrack (educe stops truewrack)

    -Choleric/Melancholic is 7% per level of humor when inundated, not affected by sensitivity.

    -Sanguine is 250 bleed per level of humor

    -Phlegmatic gives anorexia, slickness, weariness, lethargy at level 10 humor so truelock is very much an option.  I can't remember how the affs change as it goes below 10, but it's quite a bit less potent with 1 lock affliction taken out, but still handy.

    -Humor levels increase by 1 on tempering, but can be increased up to 3 (this is cut off at 2 after you have 5 levels) if you temper a humor when they have a specific affliction from that pool or 2 if they have a general affliction from a different pool.

    Most people wait until the You bleed <blah> message to clot.  This is 100% going to get you killed if you don't pre-clot.

    Shielding/touching crystal helps versus other situations, because it can stop an indunate/aurify combo  if done at the right time, but does not help during prep.

    Curing humors above certain afflictions or when at certain temper levels will help a lot too, but not much prio swapping is going on yet, because still misunderstood.

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    D: Someone put those in the alchemist subforums pls.

    Bleh, work ate my gaming life.
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    Thanks @Jhui for more precise info, also I forgot about the truewracking + educe thing.

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