Australasian/Oceanic-based Timezone RPG

So... All this talk of D&D and other tabletop roleplaying games in process/planning stage...

They're all running off of US time zones, from what I can tell. I know I can't participate in any of them due to being in Australia.

So I was wondering what kind of interest would there be in the Australasian/Oceanic areas for running tabletop RPGs?

Disclaimer: I'm not wanting to be a GM if possible.

I've got rulebooks for almost all the Warhammer 40k RPGs, Pathfinder, Game of Thrones (one of them, at least), Vampire the Masquerade, among others.

So, I was just wanting to gauge interest. I run on GMT+10, and am usually free 6pm onwards Mon, Wed-Fri, and most of the day Sat and Sun (depending on other events).


  • WeiWei Monterey, California

    I have a super power which allows me to ignore time zones, so if this happens, I may be interested. The other game appears to be full, anyway.

  • So, after Santar's D&D thread and his starting a campaign, I thought I might have a go at reviving this.
  • Well to be honest Santar's D&D game I'm about to play and I'm Australian. It's between 4pm and 9pm for me so it's perfect. Guess it will depend at what times he'll do his next one if he makes another after this.
  • @Tahquil I get home from work between 5:30 and 6:30. You on +10 as well? I run on Brisbane time.
  • That is correct, +10. However work times may be drastically changing within a few weeks for me. We'll see how it goes.
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