Life after Aeon?

Back in 2008 when I PVP'd often but badly, I utilized Aeon quite a bit to buy time for healing and fashions.  Now I've heard it's been nerfed somewhat by server-side healing, so I was wondering what people use nowadays to set up before fashioning, or if Aeon/Hangedman/web is still viable to this end.


  • Are Javelins still the fastest edged throwing weapon?  Because I was thinking about using that to set up Aeon earlier and remembered my earlier (2008ish) experiments with juggling which failed pretty miserably.

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    I think javelins are the slowest weapons in the game (not counting useless things like clubs, though I don't actually know off the top of my head whether clubs are actually slower than javelins). Javelins are mostly good for damage, which juggling won't help with, since juggling reduces damage more than it reduces balance. Daggers are usually the preferred weapon for juggling, probably because they're cheaper than throwing axes (which are the best stat-wise, since they were sped up semi-recently).
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    12:27:21.940 You cock back your arm and throw a needle-pointed dirk at a young rat.

    12:27:21.940 2782h, 3542m, 12610e, 15000w edb-

    12:27:22.348 A baby rat wanders into view, nosing about for food.

    12:27:22.348 2782h, 3542m, 12610e, 15000w edb-


    12:27:22.660 You have recovered balance on all limbs.

    So uhh 0.72s balance or 2.16s for three if I can queue the actions.

    And that's with 190 speed dirks, not 220 speed axes.

    E: Actually sorry that means three venoms in 1.44s or three venoms and Aeon in 2.16s.
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    You aren't going to just throw aeon and have it stick. On pretty much anyone. That's not how it works. It never was any good at hindering or killing anyone by itself, except against newbies without a decent system/basic combat knowledge.

    It's made to be combined with other things.


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  • You can just hangedman to hinder until you get enough fashions to bind, then you can bind and regain the fashions while they're writhing if you're under too much pressure - lots of other hindering options, too. You could also try command (headslam/tumble/restore/whatever) before handing off a string of bombs, that's probably more reliable for sticking bombs than just handedman. 

    I wouldn't recommend trying to build asthma/aeon because they'll just touch tree if you're not fast enough, you can (and should) give yourself a lot more leeway with bombs. Jester is a class that rewards creativity, have fun with it!

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    Daeir said:

    Jesters start with dagger proficiency that scales with Pranks, so use those. Find a good set of three high-speed daggers and you should be able to get 0.4s throws or even lower with relative ease. That is three affs in 1.2s.

    Three affs in less than the balance it takes to cure one, and you have an ability that consumes herb balance and delays it (mickey), impatience on a tick (itchpowder) and puppetry's spectacular hindering/limb breaking business.

    You got this.

    technically it's three affs in 0.8s + balance again 0.4s later.


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  • Which comes out to five affs in 1.2s if you threw Devil before and follow up with Aeon or something afterward.

    Not bad.

  • Keep in mind that, when using dagger combos, the daggers need to connect for the chain to work. Get good to-hit, or get them prone (with some opponents you'll need to use an entirely different strategy).

  • Also read over what Mishgul and Jovolo said in the "Strategies" thread.

  • Hangedman is a little weird, even with nimble I'd say it only beats writhing about 50% of the time. Bind is probably a better option. Dagger combos have let me down too much to care using them much.
  • Talysin said:
    Hangedman is a little weird, even with nimble I'd say it only beats writhing about 50% of the time. Bind is probably a better option. Dagger combos have let me down too much to care using them much.
    That's why I have T1 handaxes, they're fantastic! Seems like unhindered mounted bards, jesters, and serpents with acrobatics/weaving up are the only ones I really miss against.
  • I have more consistent ways to kill :).
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