The List - Listed Items

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  1. Allow all captains to raise/lower a ship's diving bell.
  2. CONFIG SEEOWNILLUSION <ON|OFF> to toggle seeing one's own room-wide illusions.
  3. Allow ship spyglasses to gather information on nearby ships, possibly including e.g. names of those currently on-deck.
  4. Split the concealment orb enchantment's current functions across a pair of enchantments.
  5. Additions to the item specification syntax to make referencing items more user-friendly.
  6. Allow Bait the Frog and Freezetag to be started with a delay timer before the fairy/frog start to allow preparations.
  7. Some sort of liquid rift solution
  8. Ability to unlearn non-class based skills
  9. More possibilities around seamonster combat and 'whaling'
  10. Allow DEATHSIGHT HISTORY whilst off plane/continent
  11. SEALing a book should reduce the number of pages available to read to only those with writing.
  12. Make blademaster sword names more respective of factions.
  13. Make hammer/shield effect messages for denizens more generic.
  14. Add notification to all occupant[s] of a bed when someone enters/leaves.
  15. Add the use of the permissions system to control who can enter a bed (everyone can still leave).
  16. Add a means to make it easier to identify player names in a room
  17. PRICE BIN MOVEUP|MOVEDOWN to reorganise shop bin numbers.
  18. Enchantment sigils that can be attached to items to apply the enchantment to them.
  19. In room desc of coloured posters should show in the colour they were dyed.
  20. Being able to tuck/untuck jewellery to have it displayed regardless of clothes.
  21. Shop log that lists purchases, pricings, policy changes, etc.
  22. Display full heraldry arms on letter seals
  23. Pouring specific number of sips from one container to another
  24. Enhancements to expressiveness/accents/voices, prepended says, etc
  25. Ability to wear scarves on the head or neck
  26. Ability to wear scarves and necklaces at the same time.
  27. Single person furniture beds (and the various types of bed derivatives)
  28. Additional book types to go along with journals (books, grimoires, tomes, etc)
  29. Add a message to both parties (if applicable) for failure where AGREE is required.
  30. Have city stables be able to draw from your bank account
  31. Personal stables as a subdiv housing room upgrade
  32. Various cosmetics-related improvements -> here
  33. Expand the use of LEFT/RIGHT to interact with left and right wielded items.
  34. Artefact flare racks
  35. Artefact dragon tear vats
  36. Ministry, Aideships, clans, and clan memberships via GMCP
  37. Ability to request a list of room contents via GMCP
  38. Those who can pacify city gaurds should be able to pacify city loyals too.
  39. Make kneeling not be stopped by communication-related commands.
  40. Update Mydoin to allow BYO journal.


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    Since apparently the list is already bigger than the post limit.......

    The List - Part II

    1. Removing pages from journals as a page object that can be read and possibly pasted back in elsewhere.
    2. Ability to compress shards by type and/or count
    3. Ability to pour drinking liquids into non-vial containers
    4. Sundials/waterclocks as furniture items that can tell the time when LOOKed at.
    5. Woodworkng/Leatherworking/Sculpting/Drink making miniskills.
    6. Being able to convert iron commodities into steel commodities.
    7. Change the necklace of comprehension enchantment to using an existing necklace in-line with other enchantments.
    8. Lower the level of understanding provided by the necklace of comprehension.
    9. Purged/erased chars appear in house logs in the same way as suicided characters
    10. Make different vial types into their own object so that they can have the proper aliases.
    11. Serpents being able to 'encipher' their letters with a chosen venom. Failed guesses at venom type would result in char-style degradation.
    12. Allow high clans to be an option available when tuning totems.
    13. Subterfuge ability to sense when a wormhole is being cancelled.
    14. Allow clans to purchase plane-wide CLT
    15. Show the time remaining before an arena event starts on ES
    16. Ability to list caught fish you hold showing type and weight with optional filtering by type
    17. Artefacts to increase capacity of figured heads (25 and 50%)
    18. Artefact ship weapons (either increased dmg or ammo capacity)
    19. Trait that reduces the range of who skills both as a target and checker.
    20. Change the effect msg for HIDE to be specific to Woodlore/Subterfuge/Tsol'aa
    21. Being able to shoot arrows into a room with a letter attached to said arrow.
    22. Ability to for House Leader to HOUSE PROMOTE/DEMOTE a house member one full house rank per day. Head of Novices also be able to use it for those under HR5 only.
    23. Change up the Quisalis and Ivory Mark systems to be more org-based and include a measure of anonymity.
    24. Reduce the cooldown time on the promotional fireflies.
    25. Allow corpses of marine creatures from the mainland to be cooked for food for your ship crew.
    26. Additional tailoring options: short/long sleeve, see-through, fingerless, opentoe.
    27. Remove INDUCT from CR5 permissions, replace with CITYFAVOUR
    28. Add CT announcement for new citizens out of the flame.
    29. Read-only access to orghelp files from website
    30. Allow aides to house position to withdraw funds allocated to the position.
    31. Add destroyed room names to raiding city log (with summoner names if possible)
    32. Add new types of corpses that can be cooked for ship stores.
    33. Forging Trait/Artie to also count for smelting balance
    34. Swashbucklers not opening the outer cabin door.
    35. Improve the Vision lesson messages
    36. Apostrophes in poster titles
    37. System to move subdiv house entrance from one plot to another within the same subdiv
    38. Increase the number of ways to quickly travel between Meropis and Sapience
    39. Allow for searching the news on the website
    40. Custom falcon type per House (like Serpent houses and their snakes)
    41. Showing highest ability in a skill on AB output
    42. Showing what abilities were learned in a learning session
    43. Projects for High Clans
    44. Ability to LOOK HERE|ROOM to show just the room description without contents/players
    45. 1p/2p messages for artefacts resetting when not held by owner.
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    Under Review

    1. SHOP EMPLOYEES to give stocking privs
    2. A more customisable prompt, similar to what other IRE games have. Able to set or remove any of the four main stats, as well as toggle prone, kola, flying, etc.
    3. In dictatorships and oligarchies, if the successor challenges and after 7 RL days the leader is listed as dormant, the challenge automatically succeeds to bypass a month of waiting, or also to stop someone who was dormant to get an IM saying "come reject your challenge" and then promptly going dormant again.
    4. Grouping of furniture, if they are the same. For example, if three chairs all with the same characteristics are at a table, it says "there are three chairs with red velvet covering at a table" rather than listing them all separately.
    5. Allow houses to purchase mouse reeducation centre.
    6. Ability to ban enemies of specific organisations from a shop.
    7. Allow meteor arrows to be stored in quivers.
    8. Create an artefact inkmill which allows more inks to be created at a time, possibly also gagging messages.
    9. Have items generated by self-filling containers only begin decaying upon removal from the container.
    10. Look into expanding enchantment to make obtaining enchantments for items more convenient.
    11. LIBRARY SEARCH <search string> or LIBRARY BROWSE <search string>, to search through book titles in a library.
    12. Add formatted/sorted INFO RIFT output, depending on processing needs.
    13. Look into having following messages properly respect shroud.
    14. Consolidate room attack messages.
    15. Allow additional ministries to withdraw funds.
    16. General audit of org withdrawal permissions.
    17. Sell, or allow crafting of, various "props" that are used in abilities but don't actually exist.
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    1. For the wilderness map, as opposed to making it so that gallop is useless, perhaps allow a move of say 3-5 spaces at a time
    2. A "poses" system of some sort, somehow like Imperian's, but different.
    3. Inept Survival or Vision skill--By virtue of your sentience, you are able to access the networks of telepathic communication that span Achaea. As a side-effect of this connection, you are able to know the identity of those immediately around you.
    4. Cities should be able to close the city gates and lock them, like any other door
    5. a printer-friendly copy of the entire mythos on the page.
    6. In org help files, allow the leader to read all files no matter what the permissions are, and add a leader-only permission.
    7. Allow mounted people to follow other mounted people and not have them get left behind.
    8. Allow "LIE ON <furniture>" which would show "Bob is laying on a long silver couch" or whatever it may be.
    9. First person miss message for throwing (you throw the bowl at bob to the east... you miss)
    10. Removal or ability to configure ship movement messages in the cabin.
    11. Addition of package delivery to the mail system.
    12. Artefact to produce snuff.
    13. An option to set whether money from credit sales goes to your inventory or local bank account.
    14. A system to track enemy records in-game.
    15. Notify mount owners when a mount is being attacked.
    16. Change required activity level for HOUSE MEMBERS/CITIZENS ACTIVE to 3-3.5 hours per week.
    17. Add additional proficiency teachers, or move the current ones, to address proficiencies which can only be learned on org property.
    18. Extend the duration of feelings in FEELINGS VILLAGES.
    19. Allow access to high clan channels and channel history from ships.
    20. Allow transfer from organisational bank accounts.
    21. Record orgtells from ships to history, so long as commscreen is down.
    22. Allow serpents to await logged-out players.
    23. Audit of stag and buffalo numbers, to determine if there are sufficient numbers for enchantment and inkmilling.
    24. Allow some manipulation of doors by phased serpents.
    25. Add an ability to list all liquids held, not just elixirs/tonics and salves/balms.
    26. Config option to prevent auto-insert of date on journal pages.
    27. Autoconversion of dates
    28. Chronological ordering of charges in listing
    29. Tidying up the charge history ordering 
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