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Returning to the Game After a Year

KaliciKalici Member Posts: 23 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished

I discovered the awesomeness that was Achaea fourteen months ago, and was hooked from day one.  Unfortunately, a lot of things happened in quick succession, health issues, computer crashes, and the like.  It was disappointing, because I was just getting started with Kalici!  I felt doubly bad about "disappearing" because I had JUST found a mentor! So after a year, I'm trying to return to the game, but finding that I can't remember anything!  I was surprised to find that my character still existed, but once I logged on, I couldn't remember where I was, how to talk to anybody, etc.  I created another character, just so I could go through the tutorial again and relearn everything.

This post is just to say hi again, reintroduce myself in the community, also to ask if anyone knows of any changes for visually impaired players.  Specifically, are there any VI-friendly maps for the game?  I remember I was having trouble getting a sense of orientation as to where things were on Sapience.

Anyway, hello again, and if Kalici doesn't see you in Eleusis, look for Trelinda.  She's my new druid.



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