Mudlet Input Issue

I was creating Keys for use in Mudlet when suddenly most commands don't seem to be getting to the MUD.  No idea what caused it, even tried deactivating the keys i'd just created. Logged out and In.  Closed and ReOpened Mudlet.  Any Ideas how to fix?



  • one thing made me very curious, how you make a border appear on mapper? i assume you create label with border with mapper front of it, correct?

    on the topic, mind list what keys you have at the moment?

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  • JonathinJonathin Retired in a hole.

    Probably a full label behind the mapper, actually. Put a transparent label in front of it and you can't click on the mapper.

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  • The mapper borders came with the GUI.   Just keys like F1 - F12.  Doing fairly simple things like mind crush.

  • Found the problem:  I had an unfinished trigger with ^ and nothing else

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