Rat Trigger Question

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I designed a trigger for killing rats (a simple one, whenever one pops into the room I'll decay it, that's it).

However I decided I should look into the rules before I go about using that kind of script. The rule regarding triggers reads the following out:

What is not allowed?
Auto ratting, auto fishing, auto questing, auto hunting, (and auto pretty much
everything else). This is any activity:
  1) that you automate via triggers, and
  2) that you use to gain gold or experience.
Basically, if you can walk away from your computer and your character will go
on without you, there's a problem.

I wasn't sure if I would be breaking this rule or not, seeing as it's kind of a borderline thing. My trigger simply attacks a rat that enters the room (when RATS is activated), and that's it. So I wouldn't be able to leave my computer and continue to make money, for example. I have no scripts for selling the rats, for moving to a different location (only a few rats show up per room per RL hour, three I believe outside of sewers).

I would not be able to leave my character alone for it to effectively work, I sort of just wanted to use it as a "while I'm buying things and doing whatever else in the city, I'll also kill rats while I'm at it", so I'd need to be at my computer for this trigger to actually be helpful. If the rule means "you should not be able to leave your computer for any amount of time and your client still makes an action", I would assume that nullifies pretty much every single trigger, including autosippers.

I definitely won't be using this trigger until I receive an answer, preferably a cited one.


EDIT: I should add that I HAVE seen people using obvious triggers for rats and hunting, where they would attack the absolute instant something would appear. Given that they weren't at all new players, I guessed it was probably okay as so long as it still required manual maintenance.

I'll add tags to this so future trigger-ers can find this.


  • For what I understand it, you are allowed to set triggers and such for ratting, even at a high level of automatisation. What you should focus on is this sentence:

    Basically, if you can walk away from your computer and your character will go
    on without you, there's a problem.

    You can perfectly create a trigger which autokill every rats in the room, and even count the number to tell you when you are done, but you cannot do one which allows you to let your character to continue its ratting all night long while you are sleeping.

  • So as so long as it still requires my manual control to actually be at all useful, it's fine? 
    That's perfect then, it just saves me a TINY bit of effort to use the triggers.

  • Yes, indeed. This is the idea.

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