Learning Languages for RP



  • Razha said:
    @Sarapis @Silas New races would be the bee's knees. I want Tritons, personally (yes I'm aware they hate everyone, and I'm prepared to RP as such.)
    Cardan said:
    ... Triton and Vertani aren't going to be viable choices for player races, now or in the future, but adding more races in general is something we may look at in the future as time permits.
    Some interesting discussion of on the matter here: http://forums.achaea.com/discussion/2047/triton-and-vertani-as-playable-races/p1
    I'm inclined to stick with triton not being a great idea for a new race, though of course there's room for debate.
  • As much as I would kill to be able to reincarnate into a triton, it isn't going to happen unless Neraeos (or a suitably knowledgeable replacement willing to take up the torch) makes a point of eventually bringing them into a position where they'd be willing to interact with other races. Even then, it'd feel like a cop-out, especially if you couldn't have an underwater player city to match. It's probably never going to happen.

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    I agree, though I'd like for there to be more races. The problem with languages is that there's no incentive to speak it and they really aren't all that special. I'd rather that you can learn a language but if you don't speak it enough, your fluency drops to some level, never too low but you'll sound like an idiot for a while. Just a thought.
  • The investment cost in learning a language is far too high to have language skills diminish and require some kind of upkeep. Although I do agree that it would be nice if there were more uses for languages. For example, speaking to a denizen who sells things in their language could earn you a discount. Or perhaps some additional quests in certain areas could be reliant on language learning. The ability to write entire journals in a specific language, etc. 

    Scholars still seem to be one of the mainstays of the post-Renaissance Housing system, and language learning could become much more valuable to their roleplay if it was tweaked. I'd suggest that instead of making it near economically impossible for people to learn languages there is some re-working of the costs involved and the ways you gain language lessons too.
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